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No matter how organized we keep the rest of our house, for some reason our bathrooms always end up feeling cramped and cluttered. Between the bulky towels, loads of hair care, makeup products, tools, and miscellaneous items that live there, it can sometimes seem impossible to find the best way to keep all of the odds and ends organized and tidy. And it can be frustrating to dig around in messy drawers looking for that favorite lipstick or sorting through the endless forest of bottles under the sink to get what you need.

But even if storage space is limited, there are better ways of keeping organized than haphazardly hiding everything in that one cabinet. Choosing a few accessories to help you make the most of the space you do have can make all the difference, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite, most efficient items to keep all your stuff neat and tidy.

Rolling Utility Cart,

Urban Outfitters, $69

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a bit of extra storage space under the sink, and while we do love the sleekness of a pedestal style, it’s not always the most efficient for keeping clutter at bay. A utility cart like this one can fit anything from extra toilet paper to hand towels and hair products, and it’s slim enough to fit in even the most cramped spaces. 

HomArt Utility Jar, Domino $13.99

Cotton balls, swabs, bandages and all the other necessities don’t need to be shoved to the back of your cabinet in their original boxes. Save your medicine cabinet for things that aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Take the rest of the items and switch them from their original box and into a simple glass jar.

Hot Tools Holder, The Container Store, $19.99

Keep all your tools—from hair dryer to curling or flat iron and more—tidy and in one place with a styling station. Place this one in a cabinet or on a counter, or even hang it from a towel bar if you’re running low on space. You’re even able to put your tools back in place while they’re still warm, thanks to the mesh vents, so there’s no excuse for leaving that flat iron out for days.

Hub ladder, Umbra $99.99

Nobody wants a bathroom in complete disarray. And yes, that includes a combination of both clean and used towels with no place to go. A cool ladder is the perfect addition to any bathroom. If generic towel racks aren’t enough for your needs, this will give you the additional space you need to store your bath towels.

Sedona Tote, Crate and Barrel $24.95

If you need to store washcloths, extra toothbrushes, Q-tips or anything in between, a basket is an easy way to keep everything neat and in one place. A lidded version will fit seamlessly in your bathroom and hide the clutter.

Banana Leaf Tray, Domino, $47.99

With products galore, it’s hard to keep everything in order for your bathtime rituals. There are bath bombs, shower oils, epsom salts and lotions that all need to be ready before the water gets too cold. Get yourself a tray to keep your bathing essentials corralled. Aside from helping you stay organized, it’ll also be a nice way to display your nicely packaged products.

Arteriors Brass and Copper Bowl, Domino,$43.20

No matter what room in the house we’re talking about, there always seem to be little things that can’t find their forever homes. By keeping a decorative bowl on the side of your sink, you’ll have a handy little catchall for those non-groupable items. This trendy brass and copper bowl from Arteriors will serve its function, and it’s beautiful.

Areaware Whale Box,  Domino $35.99

A bathroom drawer can be a treacherous place. It’s so easy to slide open a drawer and toss everything into it, but at some point that doomed drawer will start giving you anxiety. Fill it with organizational boxes to help you keep track of everything.

Shelf with Towel Bar, Amazon, $23

Finding pieces that have a dual purpose is key to making the most of a bathroom space, and this one is both stylish and super functional. When square footage is limited, hang this on the wall as another place for hand towels and extra product storage.

Ring Holder, Domino $29.99

If you wear jewelry, then you already know how important it is to have a designated spot for your pieces in the bathroom. Before washing your hands or taking a shower, you’re going to have to put those items somewhere—and hopefully it’s not down the drain! Ring dishes are small enough to put just about anywhere and will keep your jewelry safe and organized.

Yamazaki USA Mirror,  Domino, $35

Depending on where you do your makeup, it’s always useful to have a extra mirror that’s set in good natural lighting. If you have an extra bit of space for this Yamazaki USA mirror, you should take advantage of it. The trays are perfect for holding concealer, mascara and other touch up essentials.

Stackable Drawer Dividers, The Container Store, $2.49-$4.99

Goodbye junk drawer of old makeup products, toothbrushes, and tiny tools. These stackable dividers are a lifesaver for finding all your things. If you don’t have any drawers in your bathroom, they can also be placed on a countertop to keep your toothbrush and tweezers from getting lost.

Shape Self,  West Elm, $299

Storage doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Use your walls in your bathroom to make room for some extra stuff you have lying around. If you like candles, room sprays, diffusers or incense, a wall shelf like this one from West Elm is perfect. Style this storage option to bring some of your own design aesthetic to the room.

Arabella Tumber, Domino, $25

While you should keep your toothbrushes and such organized, nobody said you need to use basic toothbrush holders for this job. Opt for pretty glasses to bring some chicness into your bathroom.

This story was originally published January 10, 2017. It has been updated with new information.

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