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While spring is nearly sprung, we’ve still got some winter to tread through. And if the idea of trucking all the way to a spa to get your chill on sounds absolutely miserable—we feel you, this article is for you.

You’ve got your self-care routine plan set (whether it be 15 minutes, 2 hours, or all-day), and now it’s time to turn your bathroom into a relaxing space worthy of your best body scrubs and face masks. There are some pretty easy, clever ideas that will give your bathtub and shower some major spa vibes. Follow these tips for ultimate relaxation.

1. Add some greenery

One of the easiest and best ways to really bring some Bali vibes to your urban bathroom is through some very strategically placed plants. Suspend (responsibly!) a few plants from the ceiling, window, or even the shower rack to create a lush jungle oasis. There are a couple plants that thrive better than others in the bathroom, like pothos or snake plants, but thankfully our friends at The Sill broke it down for you here.

2. Eucalyptus is a must

Beyond just living plants, one of the best fresh cut plants to have in the bathroom is eucalyptus or vetiver branches. Grab a small bundle and hand it from your shower head. Get things steamy in the shower and let the hypnotic, heady scent take over. On top of the captivating smell, the bundle will last a good week and look super glam in the shower.


3. Buy a luxe robe

Do not overlook the power of a robe when it comes to spa vibes. A good robe, be it fluffy (if you like to cocoon) or silky (if textures are more important to you), can instantly transport you to spa-land. For fluff,

Parachute Home

 Classic Bathrobe ($99) is maximum comfort with ultra plush Turkish cotton for minimal price. Or how cozy is this Sleepy Jones Sadie Kimono Robe ($198) with its pinstripe print?

4. Make sure your towels are high-quality

Towels are towels are towels—until they aren’t. Upgrade to really good towels, and maybe even keep them stored away just for these very special home spa occasions. The Graces Oversized Bath Towels ($38) is made from organic cotton, and maybe baby angel wings, too, because it is seriously out-of-this-world soft. Hawkins New York Waffle Towels ($65) are soft, fast-drying, and the waffle weave makes for the most interesting texture.


5. Invest in a bamboo bath mat

Don’t forget to focus on what’s happening outside of the tube or shower, too. A wooden bath mat can seriously channel some really epic Japanese steam room vibes. And, depending on the wood, it can even put off a slight, heavenly scent. Plus it just looks so neat and tidy outside of a shower or bath. CB2 makes a pretty chic Teak Bath Mat ($49.95), and World Market has even jumped in on the trend with Bamboo Bath Mat ($29.95).

6. Upgrade your shower head

We already wrote an entire article musing about the power of simply changing your shower head. It can work wonders both for your hair, but also for your experience inside of the shower. Get one that gives you waterfall stream sensations for instant outdoor bathing vibes. The T3 Shower Head ($150) is the best at taking care of your hair. Shower Clear The Original Chrome Shower Head ($275) is a wider, more waterfall head, and it clears out all impurities in water.

7. Turn on some chill tunes

Don’t forget the power of your favorite beats. Cue up some soothing sounds (or, like, Drake—whatever floats your boat) with a portable (and waterproof) speaker. Ultimate Ears ($100) makes a very colorful and cute version. Or Bose SoundLink Speaker ($100) is ready to be dragged around the bathroom with you. Or, what a perfect opportunity to listen to that podcast you’ve been dying to try out? May we recommend quite possibly the most epic one we’ve ever listen to? Oprah SuperSoul Conversations is so extraordinarily special, you just have to.

Make yourself a cup of ginger tea (or glass of wine!) and, most importantly, relax and treat yo’self.

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