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If you’re like most of us, tidying up every lonely corner or forgotten drawer on a daily basis might not grace the top of your to-do list. All too often, we grow accustomed to the small messes we make; ignoring the fast-growing areas in disarray, like that pile of clean clothes in the closet or stack of magazines-turned-eyesore atop the coffee table. It’s not until we’re forced to reckon with our clutter on a sunny Saturday afternoon that we wish we’d paid better attention.

Ready to channel the neat freak you know exists within? Luckily, these Instagram accounts are here to give you the push you need. From color-coding pros to storage-savvy retailers, add these must-follow experts to your feed if you want to stay on top your tidying game.


With expert organizers located across the nation, the NEAT Method—founded by Ashley Murphy and Molly Graves—has made a name for itself as the ultimate source for cultivating clutter-free spaces, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. One look through their feed, and your label maker will be your new BFF.


Led by Jen Robin, this group of LA-based organizers knows a thing or two about streamlining even the more unexpected of places—color-coded snack drawers included.


Another big-name brand we keep in our back pocket? From color coordination to closet perfection, the decluttering connoisseurs of the Nashville-based home organization service, The Home Edit, understand how to maximize every unassuming nook, without compromising style. Loving those wire storage baskets? Followers can shop their feed with ease on their website.


Planning a complete makeover? The Container Store boasts savvy solutions suited for every type of space—from non-existent closets to itty-bitty workspaces. Since it can feel overwhelming to walk into one of their stores without a solid goal (or product) in mind, take a peek at their feed first to get a clearer idea of what you actually need to get the job done.


Moving? Then Jamie Hord, an NYC-based organizer, lifestyle blogger, and “unpacking specialist,” is your gal. Small space dwellers, in particular, will appreciate her ingenious hacks for awkward under-the-sink spaces, tiny kitchen cabinets, and bathroom storage.



Snack time should never turn into a guessing game—and Cindy Huzenman would agree. If you’ve recently purchased a slew of transparent containers or kitchen-friendly storage baskets, but aren’t quite sure how to best put them to use, this expert has the full how-to.


Life-saving ladders, smart shoe racks, and too-cool toothbrush holders are just a few things you’ll find on Yamakazi USA’s Insta feed.



It should come as no surprise that this best-selling author, tidying expert, and now reality TV star, graces our must-follow list. Kondo’s revolutionary approach to decluttering won’t just inspire you to fold like a total boss, but her one-of-a-kind method will teach you to ultimately be more careful about what you bring into your home. 


If it’s the little things that frequently get in your way, show Jen Jones some love. The organizing fanatic is a true champion when it comes to mastering the miscellaneous, like the junk drawer, loose chargers, and jewelry.


Of course, we can’t resist a personal shoutout. Our feed is constantly up to date with the latest how-to stories, savvy organizing DIYs, and storage tips. Plus, we have the real life spaces to back it all up—just peep this chic, peg-board entryway.


Purging our homes of unnecessary messes or unwanted items is one way to curate a happier place to live. For minimalists at heart who want to follow a path toward sustainability, this humbling page will remind you of the things that matter most (and might inspire you to get rid of the objects that don’t).

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