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Mastering organization in a small space can be a game of Tetris, especially when that small space is your kitchen. With all the cooking supplies, dishware, silverware, and food to store, things can start to feel cluttered, fast. That’s why we asked our editors for their input on the best items for prime kitchen organization. From shelving to magnetic racks, the picks ahead will transform your kitchen into a reprieve, not a headache.

Platinum Elfa Utility Shelving, Container Store, $534.74

– Alex Redgrave, Executive Editor

“I mounted Elfa shelving onto my tile backsplash right above my sink to use as a dish drying rack. The wire is spaced perfectly for side stacking plates (it doesn’t have a spot of rust after four years), and I have a metal bucket for keeping cutlery. A small space victory!”

Tosca Countertop Spice Rack, Yamazaki Home, $35.84; Tosca Dish Drain, Yamazaki Home, $71.60; Tosca Under Shelf Storage Rack, Yamazaki Home, $28.80

– Alyssa Clough, Social Media Editor

“I am planning on filling my tiny kitchen with Yamazaki products. Right now, I have the Tosca Dish Drain, which is stylish enough to permanently leave on my counter, and the Tosca Countertop Spice Rack, which frees up more of my limited counter space. Next, I’m buying the Tosca Under Shelf Storage Rack, fruit bowl, and so much more. Yamazaki’s designs look chic, are high quality, and are made for small spaces.”


Stenstorp Kitchen Island, Ikea, $399

– Kate Berry, Style Director

“My apartment is tiny, so I needed something I could use as countertop as well as a dining surface. Because there are shelves, I can use this island for storage as well. I replaced the wood surface with a piece of marble I found at a yard, and have an amazing looking island.”


Plate Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack, Yamazaki Home, $38

– Rachel Besser, Market Editor

“This magnetic organization rack is a great way to maximize space in a small kitchen. Pop it onto your fridge, and just like that your fridge is a storage space, too!”


Madesmart White Lazy Susan, Container Store, $5.99

– Jessica Dailey, Digital Editorial Director

“Nothing beats a couple of lazy susans for organizing a spice cabinet. I have two of these 10” ones, which have a non-slip surface so jars stay in place when you’re spinning the disk searching for what you need.”


Quart Jar with Silver Lid, Ball, $6.08

– Kristin Limoges, Lifestyle Editor

“I love using mason jars for storing snacks out in the open because I don’t have a pantry. I put nuts, dried coconut, chia seeds, rice, whatever, into the jars of varying sizes and then, I display all the mason jars on a corner shelf in the kitchen, which is both useful and looks great.”


Bar Trolley, Target, $75

-Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

“The only cabinets I have are dedicated to storing dishware and cooking equipment, so I love this bar trolley for organizing dry foods. It doesn’t take up a ton of space and has hidden wheels so I can re-position as necessary.”

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