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There are a million ways you can fold your clothes, but when it comes to towels, there are three main methods, according to the Internet, and which one you pick says a lot about you. Chelsea Handler shared a meme on Instagram yesterday, asking people to debate between the flat-and-rectangular fold (number 1), the neatly-into-thirds fold (number 2), and the rolled-up fold (number 3). Of course, her celebrity friends weighed in, but they weren’t all on the same page. 

“I grew up a 2 but have grown to appreciate a 3,” Jennifer Garner commented. Hilary Swank, on the other hand, sided with the majority of Handler’s followers and declared she swears by the second method, as does One Tree Hill actor (and low-key design lover) Sophia Bush. So who is correct in all of this? Everyone, really.  


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How you choose to fold your towels should depend on the type of container or space you’re storing them in. In a large, walk-in linen closet, the into-thirds solution is best, as it creates an instantly streamlined look and makes them sturdier for stacking. If the shelves are shallow and narrow, then go ahead and stick with option one—the easiest fold out of them all. But if you lack a closet altogether and are relying on a basket or cart, roll them up to ensure they all fit snugly in their unconventional nook. Sure, you really only see this arrangement in hotels or at the beach, but why wouldn’t you want your bathroom to feel like a spa? 

Finally, you can always go totally rogue and come up with your own fix or follow Marie Kondo’s upright folding approach. The right answer is what looks tidy to you.