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One of the silver linings of everyone being at home right now is getting a glimpse into our favorite celebrities’ spaces—most recently, this included an impromptu tour of Jennifer Garner’s laundry room. The actress shared a peek at what her laundry day looks like (hint: it involves red wine) and suffice to say, the spacious area is going on our renovation mood board immediately. 

Garner designed the room almost like a kitchen: There’s a sink, open shelving, and even an island. Plus, in terms of storage, it has it all—Shaker-style upper and lower cabinets provide ample room to hide busy labels; built-in island shelves are perfect for housing extra linens; and doorless cupboards above the washing machine and dryer keep necessities within easy reach. We’re definitely taking notes from the video she posted to Instagram (also, we hope her cat is okay).


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That said, not everyone is working with the same square footage, but if you’d like to organize your own laundry room, we have some clever products in mind that will do the trick. Here is what’s in our shopping cart.

The Rolling Cart

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Jones Kitchen Cart, Urban Outfitters ($99)

With multiple shelves, this small space-friendly trolley fits snugly into tight corners and is great for keeping all sorts of bottles and boxes tidy. Store heavy gallons of detergent on the bottom and microplastic catching balls in the little top drawer. 

The Drying Rack

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Hanging Drying Rack, George & Willy ($340)

If you have high enough ceilings, think vertically: A hanging rack is a great way to spread out all your air dry-only linens (and save on your electricity bills, too). We favor this one because it’s sturdy enough to carry a full load of clothes and comes with a smart pulley system so you can lower and lift it with ease. 

The Extra Storage

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Wood Wall Shelf, Target ($20)

Whether you want to dress up a tiny nook with bud vases and artwork or simply need some additional room to house fabric softener, add a sleek shelf. This simple wood one measures 6 inches deep, which is more than enough for most bottles, and can hold up to nearly 10 pounds. All you need is 12 inches of wall space. 

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