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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Marie Kondo, the organizing sensation that made us consider the joy in a pair of socks, is back with a big announcement: her first-ever product launch.

Kondo has created a worldwide organizing phenomenon entirely based on sparking joy. As you—and your closet—probably know, the trademarked KonMari Method that Kondo created many years ago is based on the idea of tidying your home by only keeping items you cherish and bring you joy. The decluttering practice has led to a New York Times best-selling book, a manga visual storytelling guide, a soon-to-air Netflix show, and starting today, her first line of organizing tools.

A key part of getting those drawers and closets in order is by using simple, but perfect, containers to organize your beloved, joy-sparking items, and this is exactly what Kondo created with the launch of her Hikidashi Box set.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

You can now pre-order the Hikidashi set, which is named for the Japanese word ‘”to draw out.” The tool that’ll kickstart your tidying has four different designs and inspirations to choose from, with six pieces in each set for $89. The six pieces are three boxes—large, medium, and small—in which both sides can be used individually for organizing items. Yeah, they’re boxes to put your socks in. But they’re also the perfectly sized Marie Kondo-approved boxes to put your socks in.

“It’s always been my goal for as many people as possible to finish tidying so they can live a life that sparks joy,” says Kondo. “And I asked myself, ‘What else can I offer, what else can I do?’ and the answer was these boxes. It was my goal to create the ultimate box that really benefits your tidying process and embodies the essence of the KonMari method.”

The $89 price tag includes exclusive access to the KonMari Tidying Series, which will be a complex online guided journey through each step of the KonMari method, with special videos from Kondo herself on how to utilize the boxes to their fullest joy-sparking potential. Beyond just boxes though, the series will give a step-by-step guide on how to fold, and the basics of knowing if something sparks joy for you, so by the time the boxes show up, you’ve already done the decluttering and tidying process, and you’ll be ready to organize.

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Kondo has always been a self described “box fanatic” and has collected special boxes since she was young. Beyond just the joy of a well-made box itself, each container has a greater purpose. “I can definitely say these boxes are the number one thing I use when I tidy, especially when I tidy with consultants,” says Kondo.

But what exactly makes these boxes Kondo-approved? There are three aspects that went into the creation of these sets to make them special. First, of course they are useful for tidying, but Kondo deliberated over the size, weight, and thickness to assure it was perfect. Second—and this is going to melt your heart—she asked herself, “Do these boxes provide a comfortable place for the things themselves to be stored in?” (She wants your socks to be happy!)

“It’s almost like providing a home for a belonging, so it really needed to have the right texture so every time you touch it, it sparks joy for you,” says Kondo. And third, the four pattern schemes are cleverly, and purposefully, only on the inside of the box, based on her belief of cherishing “what’s not immediate to the eye and to give you an opportunity to consider your inner state.”

Each set has a print and quote selected by Kondo, and in true KonMari style, the box should choose you. While each set is identical in size, Kondo anticipates your individual inspiration will lead you to your specific box set. (Or, maybe just color and pattern preference, that works well, too).

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Those four design schemes each have a different purpose. The purist in you might be drawn to Balance, the simplest of all sets, in all white, designed to appreciate the simplicity of a space. Or hey, Clarity, the white background with paint swatch-print, was created by Kondo to “gain a clearer view of who you are.” Or wondering about the Wonder set? It’s the fun, “spontaneous” one, with a pale pink sakura-inspired print. Desiring some Harmony? The taupe shade with a falling snow pattern is meant to bring a sense of serenity into your space.

Whichever set your drawn to, it’s worth noting that each box is made of thick, 100 percent recycled fiberboard, and are FSC-certified (meaning they come from responsibly managed forests). And because they are sealed with a laminated paper, you can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth to clean them—fairly indestructible. The box sets in person are special little jewel boxes in themselves, each impeccably packed within each other, with a special note from Kondo about the creation and inspiration.

And while, yes, they are perfect inside a drawer, they also have many other uses. “You can use this to section off a storage space, or you can place them on shelving units and use them as mini-drawers,” says Kondo.

The Hikidashi Box sets are available exclusive on konmari.com for pre-order July 24, and will ship mid-September. The KonMari Tidying Series will also go live in mid-September with the launch of the box sets.

Prepare your closets, they’re about to be immaculate and full of joy-sparking capabilities.

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