Marie Kondo Wants to Help Tidy Up Your Whole Town

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Marie Kondo

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Marie Kondo has been busy. Not only does her new book, Joy at Work, come out next week, but she already has another exciting project in the works. Last year her Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, launched the organizing icon into her second wave of fame, and now she’s signed on for another show on the streaming platform: Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo. The twist? This time, she’s helping out a whole town.

As Deadline reports, the new series will feature Kondo and her team as they bring their efforts to a larger community, tidying up schools, public gardens, fire stations, rec centers, town halls, and more—and, best of all, you can vote for your hometown to secure the winning spot. It’s soothing just thinking about an organizational project of this scale—but until the show premieres, we can get some satisfaction out of tackling the messes in our own homes. Here are a few of our favorite tips we’ve learned from Kondo over the past few months.

On Storing Out-of-Season Clothing Even if you’re not exactly thinking of breaking out your swimsuits and shorts just yet, it’s a great time to gradually shift your bulkier knits into storage. Under-bed bins are always a good idea, but Kondo offers an extra step that will save you storage space: Squeeze your pullovers and cardigans into sweater bags so they’ll be easier to tuck away.

On Filing All Your Loose Papers Miscellaneous forms and receipts always seem to vanish right when you need them. That’s why KonMari consultant Lisa Tselebidis advises splitting all your papers into three simple folders: pending (a letter or bill you need to respond to), forever (birth certificates and the like), and temporary (notes for a current project).

On Dealing With Those Random IKEA Parts If you’re a fan of the Swedish retailer, chances are you’ve amassed a moderate collection of hex keys, wood pegs, and random screws that you’ve decided to hold onto just in case. But there’s a better strategy: KonMari consultant Ann Dooley recommends putting them (along with instruction manuals) in a plastic bag and taping that to the bottom of the furniture piece they belong to. Now that sparks joy.

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