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Courtesy of KonMari Media, Inc.

Over the past few months, two types of people have emerged: those who have maintained their cleaning routines and those who have seen decluttering as a largely fruitless endeavor. If you fell into the latter camp sometime around mid-April and are beginning to regret it (quarantine procrastination is very real), Marie Kondo is here to help—the organization pro is launching an eight-week tidying boot camp. It’s free, available via the KonMari Instagram account, and starts today.

Since the lockdown began, Kondo has seen an uptick in requests from people looking to spruce up their spaces. Their most-requested area? Spots that house miscellaneous items, like kitchen tools and office supplies (called Komono in the KonMari method). “For many of us, this is not the summer we expected,” says Kondo. “Tidying can be a powerful reset—a chance to focus on what really matters.”

The program is timed to whip your house into tip-top shape by the end of summer, starting with a planning week where participants map out their vision boards and snap a few “before” photos. Then it gets more specific: There’s a week dedicated to tackling closets, and another for clearing up bookshelves (#Shelfie sharing encouraged). Check back every Monday for a new calendar of tasks.

Of course, the point of the challenge is to get rid of—not accumulate—stuff. But if you’re missing storage, a few key organizational vessels can make a world of difference in reducing visual clutter. Make sure the things that do spark joy have a home of their own with these chic buys:

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