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The woman responsible for “sparking joy’ and bringing epic organization into your life has a new venture that you’re going to love. For her first ever collaboration, organization goddess Marie Kondo joined up with San Francisco-based accessories and clothing brand Cuyana to create a special collection of leather cases. In true Kondo style, the three different colored collections are named after the emotions explored in her signature “KonMari” method: fun, joy, and love.

Joy is a burst of salmon, mustard, and burgundy colors; love is navy, deep red, and ecru; fun is salmon, deep red, and ecru. Made in Turkey with premium pebbled leather, the set includes three small cases, two rectangular boxes, and one circle box, and costs $180.

The “minimature treasure boxes” are meant to intuitively help you transform your cluttered suitcase into a bag of organization and serenity (yes, it is possible). Apparently you can now spark joy on the go, too.

We got to chat with Kondo herself to chat about the collaboration, her packing tips, and, of course, sparking joy.

Colors That Bring Joy

“Choosing the colors were my favorite part of this collaboration process,” says Kondo.” For each of the pieces in this collection, three smaller cases of different colors are designed to fit in a larger case when assembled together. For the cases to spark joy, it was important that the four colors come together as one. I love how Cuyana’s products use high-quality leather that varies in color, so brainstorming the perfect color combinations for this collaboration was a lot of fun.”

(Joyful) Travel Tips

“My advice for traveling is to pack and bring home only the things that spark joy for you,” says Kondo. “Rather than minimizing the amount of things you bring, try to make sure to bring items that spark joy for you, whether at home or abroad.

“When packing, I focus on the sense of joy. For example, I ask myself, ‘Does the way things are packed in the suitcase spark joy for me when I open it?’ I make sure each item looks comfortable in the suitcase. By being mindful of those things, you can maintain a state that sparks joy even before you depart. Depending on the purpose of the trip, I leave anywhere from 10 to 50 percent of my suitcase empty by tightly folding clothes and storing them upright in the suitcase. I make sure that even when I am traveling, the items I bring can create an environment that sparks joy similar to home; the basic principle is to choose what sparks joy.”

Multi-Purpose Cases

“The cases are perfect for storing jewelry, makeup items, and small accessories like hair clips at home or carrying them around for everyday use,” says Kondo. “You can use the whole set to display jewelry, such as earrings and rings, at your home, or take out the smaller cases to carry makeup items in your bag. I think the cases’ size makes it perfect for using wherever you are, whether you are on the road or at home.”

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