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Maybe you’ve dipped into Reddit for its AMAs (that’s “Ask Me Anything” for the uninitiated), or its television show commentaries and theories. But have you ever thought about looking at its Life Pro Tips?

What Reddit lacks in style, it makes up for in substance—but we understand that reading through the text-heavy, photo-light site can feel like you’re participating in an archeological dig. So, we’ve perused the site for you in order to unearth the best organization tips and home hacks Redditors swear by.

Black Clothing Bonanza Solution

We all have our go-to colors for clothes, but that often means we end up with a dresser full of pieces that all blend together. Redditor banana_banana_banana is here to help with an easy solution that will let you quickly identify your monochrome clothing when it’s in wild abundance: “I fold things so that defining features are seen straight away—whether it is a specific seam, lace, neckline emblem, etc.”

Another tip included hanging clothes up right away after changing: “Don’t let it pile up because it becomes a blob of never finding what you need.”


Earring Organization

Redditor czech_zout has an ingenious trick for organizing earrings that uses a multi-picture frame. Just remove the glass and backing boards, and then stick a piece of lace in each of the picture “slots.” She then sticks the earrings into the lace.

An Unorthodox Organizer

In one of the KonMari organization-focused subreddits, we learned that this simple jewelry tray can be repurposed as an underwear drawer to keep unmentionables tidy and neat when folded.

Five Minutes Of Decluttering Daily

One Redditor discussed the virtues of the daily routines she learned at Flylady.net. “Hotspot” decluttering—which is when you go through certain areas that tend to accumulate belongings—every day for five minutes before bed makes a huge difference if you stick to the routine. Just run through and pick stuff up, and then put it back where it belongs.

Guiltless Laundry Trick

Instead of leaving piles of clean clothes stacked on your dresser, just don’t bother folding them until you’re ready to put them away. User settlingup leaves clothes in the dryer (with the door ajar for ventilation) or a designated clean-only basket when she’s too exhausted to fold, and needs to put the task off for a few days.

“If I’m doing more than one load, I have one of those plastic laundry baskets on top of the dryer that I dump the clean clothes into to deal with later,” she says. She notes that it’s not the most domestic goddess type of solution, but it’s much better for her sanity than having a pile of clean clothes in the bedroom (or elsewhere in the house).

Excel At Eliminating Excess

Temp4adhd uses a spreadsheet that lists spaces by room, in order to keep track of the last time each room was decluttered. “The idea here is to make sure I revisit each space (drawer, cabinet, closet) at least once a year,” she says. “On this spreadsheet, I’m also listing wish list items I’d like to find/replace/add. The goal there is more thoughtful shopping.”

Bathroom Storage Repurposed

Just because something is marketed as bathroom storage does’t mean you can’t use it elsewhere in your house. One Redditor confessed to using an above-the-toilet shelving unit over a small dresser in the bedroom for extra storage. This uses untouched wall space, and is a genius idea for a small rental studio if you don’t want to hang wall shelves.

Streamline Grocery Shopping And Recipes

Instead of writing items on a piece of scrap paper that you’ll inevitably lose (or a notepad that you never look at), consider the app BigOven, which allows you to make a shopping list and store recipes in the same place. Never feel scatterbrained at the grocery store again.

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