By Rachel Besser

Published on August 18, 2017

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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

One of the main issues we have with our bathrooms is figuring out the best way to keep all of our odds and ends organized and tidy. So, we turned to our editors to discover the organizational hacks they use in their tiny New York City bathrooms. From under-sink containers to ladder shelves, here are the pieces our editors use to keep their bathrooms looking sharp.

Enamel Tumbler, Domino, $23.99

“I bought some old white enamel containers with navy rims that were once used in fridges at the Brimfield market. They’re just the right size for keeping on narrow shelving and I throw in creams and bottles so everything looks streamlined.” – Alex Redgrave, Executive Editor

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Photography by UMBRA

Hub Ladder, Umbra, $79.99

“If you have a small bathroom, this ladder is a great space saver. It’s a helpful and chic piece to  stow towels and even hang robes and keep them out of the way on a wall that otherwise wouldn’t be used.” – Rachel Besser, Market Editor

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Photography by MUJI

Acrylic Case 2 Drawer, Muji, $26

“To keep loose odds and ends from rolling around or tipping over, store them in acrylic cases like these from Muji. You can still see what everything is and it keeps your space tidy.” – Lahaina Alcantara, Digital Photo Editor

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Photography by MUJI

Silver 2-Drawer Mesh Organizer, Container Store, $24.99

“To make the most of my under-the-sink space, I bought two of these metal drawer sets; each basket also slides all the way out for easy access. This is the kind of thing that you don’t think will make a big difference, but oh man, does it ever.” – Jessica Dailey, Editorial Director

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Photography by Ikea

“It’s not super exciting, but this over-the-door hanger will keep your towels and robes organized without taking up any extra space. It’s affordable, too, which is great for those of us not living in a small space by choice. It’s also a great option if you don’t want to put holes in your walls to hang hooks.” – Elly Leavitt, Associate Digital Editor

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Photography by BED BATH & BEYOND

La Mont Carly Wall 14″ Hanging Basket, Bed Bath & Beyond, $39.99

“Hang baskets on the walls. This set of three is pretty and spacious, and they come with everything you need to securely attach them.” – Nikhita Mahtani, Digital Editor

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Photography by Aquanotes

Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad, Amazon, $8.09

“This is more mental organization but I have a notepad in my shower for when ideas (or actually usually headlines) strike.” – Kristin Limoges, Associate Lifestyle Editor

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