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Sofas in Crypton’s Felix Velvet in Dive from United Fabrics | Interior by Grace Mitchell, Photography by Lisa Petrole 

Finding the right sofa can be challenging. Take it from someone who is going on month three of attempting to source the perfect one: Durable, well-built, aesthetically pleasing…you know the drill. After all the time and effort spent on the hunt, being able to reap the benefits for longer than a week (when your friend inevitably spills on it) is a must. Cue Crypton performance fabric. 

Available in a variety of materials and hues, performance upholstery feels and looks just as luxurious as any other textile, says designer Natasha Nyanin. Factor in the added benefits of smart technology—making it moisture-, stain-, and odor-resistant—and you have yourself a couch that can endure the longest of movie nights. Allow these ultra-chic finds (and expert insights) to inspire you even more:

If You Prefer a Chill Silhouette

The Irving, Maiden Home

Performance fabrics hold up in more ways than one, says Jen Albano of Interior Spaces & Decoration—they’ll keep the structure of a sofa intact and protect the shape of the cushions. The designer tends to gravitate toward timeless wovens that resonate as natural fibers and are therefore more breathable, like cotton and linen blends in shades of graphite or blue. 

Architect Taryn Bone prefers to take a solid approach, such as soft neutral, over the array of patterned ones available these days. For added flair, she suggests layering on vibrant throw pillows and blankets. 

If You Want to Keep Things Light

Kipton Sofa, Arhaus

Living with pets or little ones doesn’t have to mean foregoing your dream, white sofa. “We live in the woods and have three children,” says Brooke Anderson of Dean & Dahl, “The number of times I’ve looked at a spill and asked myself ‘what is that, even?’ is mindboggling. These fabrics can keep you sane in a world of juice boxes and mud pies.”

If You’re an Avid Lounger

Delmar Pillow Arm Sofa, Crate and Barrel

Kicking back on the sofa with a glass of wine after a long day is arguably one of life’s simplest pleasures. Accidentally spilling Merlot on white upholstery, not so much. Performance textiles to the rescue. “You can wipe off any minor blemishes with water and common household detergents, without causing damage,” says Decorist Elite designer Jessie Yoon

If You Love Drama

Everly sofa
Everly Sofa in Crypton Aubrey Buttercream, Kim Salmela

Here is your opportunity to expand your design boundaries and splurge on that statement find you would have otherwise never considered. “Gorgeous colors and beautiful prints let you maintain the aesthetic you want, without any concerns,” says Foster. Herringbone, chintz, and ikat are at your fingertips.

If You’re Aiming for Luxury

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 2.31.51 PM
Andre Sofa, Graceland Slate, High Fashion Home

Performance fabrics have come a long way, says Christina Samatas of Park & Oak Interior Design. “We’re no longer limited to stiff materials that feel as if they’re suited for your outdoor sectional,” she adds. 

Long-lasting velvet? It exists. “Performance fabrics come in a wide variety of materials that can feel quite luxurious,” says Nyanin. Crypton’s sustainable line of velvet, natural leather, and mohair looks are made to repel not only stains and spills but bacteria and mold, as well. Consider it proof that form and function can coexist.