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Looking for some brilliant beauty and wellness advice? (I mean, of course you are, who isn’t?!) Look no further. We chatted with four of our favorite beauty girl bosses, all who have started their own businesses. Pretty badass, right? And they gave us some pretty epic, created-a-beauty-empire-so-I’ve-seen-it-all-and-this-is-what-really-works type of advice.

Cindy DiPrima, Cap Beauty Cofounder

I have very dry skin, so I love a nourishing oil or balm, especially one with ingredients designed to warm and ground me, like Jiva Apoha Kama Oil. It’s so important for the colder seasons. I recently discovered the Ayurvedic practice of applying oils before the bath or shower and really massaging them in. It leaves my skin super soft.

Nadine Abramcyk, Tenoverten Cofounder

I’m vigilant about my morning tonic: a whole lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water with a dash of turmeric and cayenne. I also take a probiotic daily. These set the tone for good digestion, which gives me better energy. Another trick: I use a copper tongue scraper to remove bacteria and any toxic residue. Sounds a little gross, but it makes a huge difference and is quite invigorating, I’m obsessed.

I love our tenoverten 100% Natural Rose Cuticle Oil. It literally saves my nail beds by keeping them hydrated, particularly during the dry winter months. I use the residual oil from my nails as hand moisturizer, which is very convenient too. And if I am not using the oil then I regularly use Lano Rose Hand Cream, which I love for it’s non-greasy finish.

I’ve started to leave my jade face roller in my refrigerator. At night I first apply my oil, Vintner’s Daughter at the moment, and then use the cold jade roller while sitting in bed to help my skin absorb the oil, plus it just feels really relaxing. I wake up next to the roller and it’s a reminder to stick it back in the refrigerator for the next night. My family laughs that we have a whole shelf in our fridge of vitamins, probiotics, face tools, and ingestibles. I also like Glow from Beauty Chef at the moment.

Kavi Ahuja Moltz, D.S. & Durga Cofounder

I don’t like using a lot of products—just dry brush before a shower and Rodin body oil after I’m out for keeping skin smooth. If I have a bit more time, I put on a SK-II facial mask and massage warm amla oil (a traditional Indian ingredient) into my hair and roots before washing it out.

Alicia Yoon, Peach & Lily Founder

You can mimic a facial experience, where a lot of beneficial ingredients are delivered through massages and devices, without breaking the bank or making a trip to the spa. I call it the ‘sheet mask sandwich.’ A sheet mask hydrates and preps your skin to absorb hydrating products, like a serum, and creates an occlusive barrier. You can either peel back the mask before it’s dry, add the serum directly to your skin, and smooth mask back over, or layer up with a serum, then mask, and let the two work their magic.

There’s also a Korean bath technique called the “Ban Shin Yok” or “half bath” that I love. You sit in a hot bath that comes up to the belly button. You keep belly button up and arms out of the water for about twenty minutes. The contrasting coolness on the top of your body and heat on the bottom of your body helps to stimulate circulation that will help bring more nutrients and oxygen to all organs, including skin. It’s invigorating and easy! Try a sheet mask while doing the ban shin yok to get more out of it.

If I don’t have a lot of time, but need to get a lot out of my skincare routine, I stick to layering products that are formulated to sink deep into skin. I will layer on a toner packed with action about seven to ten times on skin by patting it in, which takes all of a few minutes, but keeps skin super hydrated, nourished and plumped up for the whole day. I love Be the Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner for this layering method.

I love doing steam facials as it’s both quick and super effective. I cleanse skin while I shower, then I’ll apply a more viscous essence on my skin, which is damp from the steam. The more viscous texture allows the essence to stay on skin and really sink into skin. The steamy environment helps to soften skin and open up pores. I then proceed with the rest of my shower routine, and then when I get out of the shower, I apply the essence again and then the rest of my skincare routine. Whenever my skin needs extra hydration or just some extra love, this does the trick every time. Lately, I keep this The Lotus Essence in the shower for my steam facials as it’s packed with antioxidants using lotus extract as its base instead of water, and also helps to brighten skin while hydrating it.

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