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By now you’ve probably grown as absolutely obsessed and reliant upon every sheet and face mask you encounter in the aisles of Sephora and Target, just like us. From clarifying charcoal masks to lip masks to hydrating eye masks, darnit, we love them all. But apparently we’ve been neglecting the rest of our body while our face is saturating in youthful goodness. Yep, body masks are now a thing—don’t let your face have all the fun.

We’ve rounded up all the ones worth your precious money, body, and time—from butt to décolletage to neck to glycolic acid masks. They may seem a tad unnecessary at first glance, but could these brightening, hydrating, and in some instances, cellulite-reducing masks come any sooner before swimsuit and short shorts season hits?

For That Dipped In Gold Look

Brazilian Bod Buff Smoothing Scrub ‘N’ Mask, Sol de Janeiro, $25

This exfoliation and detoxifying mask duo is extraordinary for its crushed Brazilian quartz crystal and Amazon river clay duo, which exfoliates, detoxifies, and reveals majorly hydrated and glowing skin. Bonus points for making you look like you’re dipped in gold and smelling like a day of the French Riviera (like an addictive, salty-sweet scent).


For Underarms

Underarm Detox Mask, Lavanila, $26

The beloved natural deodorant brand Lavanila developed this underarm detox mask to help speed up the period of switching from traditional deodorant to a non-chemical option (traditionally a one to three-week process while the body goes through swings which could include excess sweating and fun new smells while it adjusts). The mix of activated charcoal, malic acid, and silica combine to work like a magnet to absorb and draw out buildup and impurities. You can use twice a week to lessen order, irritation, and perspiration, while also improving lymphatic function.


For Some AHA

Resurfacing Body Mask, True Botanicals, $48

You’ve probably already fell in love with chemical exfoliation, whether it be lactic or glycolic or another one from the AHA family. But have you extended that love to your body, too? This new launch is one of my new favs, thanks to the major love boost it gives skin in mere minutes. Simply slather on lactic acid mix, which penetrates dead skin cells and dullness within five minutes. Then jump in the shower and slough off the mask to reveal smoother, more vibrant skin.

For Cheap, Firming Thrills

Body Firming Sheet Mask, Palmer’s, $6

Throw this rectangle-shaped sheet mask anywhere you need some firming—from thighs to tummy to bum. With guarana, capuaca, and coconut oil, this mask helps improve microcirculation, which results in firmer, more toned and a smoother appearance.


For Your Neck

Neck Mask, Frownies, $13.50

If you, like the late but very, very great Nora Ephron feel bad about your neck, this is your mask. The clear, hydrating choker-like mask gives your neck some major TLC. Or more specifically it firms and moisturizes skin on the neck to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve the overall tone of skin. Best of all, the gel mask is reusable three to five times and comes with a resealable bag.

For Your Tummy

Belly Mask, HATCH Collection, $12

The brilliant brand behind the chic mommy-to-be collection, Hatch, launched a beauty brand earlier this year, and we still aren’t over this belly sheet mask. A belly sheet mask—so clever! It’s focused on minimizing stretch marks during pregnancy, and helping to soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum.

For Your Toesies

PoshPeel Pedi Cure, Patchology, $20

We’ve already mused on about the brilliance of a very exfoliating foot mask—so jump on this now before summer hits. But the full exfoliation will take a few weeks, so make sure you plan ahead if you have a big event. You simply slip on the plastic footies, with activated essence inside them, for an hour and wash, then let the full exfoliation powers kick in.


For Your Tush

Uplift Revealed Tush Mask, Nannette de Gaspe, $175 (for 5-week treatment)

Girllll, get your bum in on the sheet mask fun. The brilliant Nannette has specialized her five-week treatment for the ultimate butt uplift. (God bless this treatment before bikini season!) It has proven, major results and improvements in firmness, tone and lifting.

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