This Face Oil Hack Is a Serious Game-Changer

Why have we never thought of this before?!

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We all already know face oils are a saving grace. They’re basically the Superwoman of skincare: They can hydrate on a deep level, calm skin, restore elasticity… The benefits are CVS-receipt long, and pretty immediate.

But all that said, I still wasn’t in love with face oils. I knew I was suppose to be using them, but it never felt right. I’d use a plethora of different oils, but all of them—no matter the main ingredient—always felt heavy, like the oil was sitting on top of my face, never absorbing.

And then, I heard this super simple tip, and everything was changed. If it sounds like I’m being dramatic, just try it at home; it’s a serious game changer.

You’ll need a toner, essence, or aerated water—I really love the Caudalie Grape Water for this—and a face oil of your choice.

First, place a few drops of oil in the (clean!) palm of your hand. Then, spritz your liquid into that same palm. Rub your hands together to emulsify, and then gently pat on your face. That’s it. Yep, sounds small, but the simple addition of a liquid is revolutionary.

“The ratio of oil to water matches the oil to water ratio of our epidermis, and helps the oils to penetrate deeper so the benefits are more potent,” says Herbivore’s beauty editor, Desiree Pais, who filled me in on this incredible hack. “At night, I mix a few drops of Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil with Jasmine Green Tea Toner and then massage into my skin for 60 seconds or more, following by a few minutes of jade rolling to really help the oils press into the skin.”

When I first heard this tip from Pais, I was dying to know if  a) It works. and b) Why I’d never heard it before. But I tried it that very night and haven’t looked back since. In the weeks since, my skin is healthier, more hydrated, and glowier than ever, and dammit, I’m very pleased with how well the oil absorbs.

Wanna take it one step further? When applying the face oil mix, pat it on very, very gently. Pais learned this trick via Japanese skincare blogs. “Japanese skincare is so beautifully disciplined with gentleness, and when they apply products to their face, one of the tips I found is to gently pat products on your skin with the tips of fingers vs rubbing it in,” says Pais. “For example, I love to take Pink Cloud Creme on my fingertips and gently pat it around my eyes and tops of my cheeks after applying facial oils for extra rich hydration!”

Happy (gentle) hydration!

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