This Kate Middleton-Approved Sleep Oil Is the Perfect Nightcap

Get your hands on it now.

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You don’t have to be royalty to have soft, luminous skin—but you can steal their skincare secrets. Now, it’s possible to wake up with a Kate Middleton glow, courtesy of the nighttime oil the royal apparently swears by: Beuti Skincare’s Beauty Sleep Elixir recently launched in the U.S. exclusively at Credo Beauty.

“We were lucky enough to gift Beuti Skincare through a family friend and an inside palace source close to Kate Middleton. Shortly after, three bottles of our Beauty Sleep Elixir were spotted on Kate’s bedroom nightstand,” Beuti founder Leila Aalam explains. “We have also received word that she was rumored to have used the line during her pregnancy with Charlotte.”

Obviously, we had to test this sleep oil out to see how good it really is. (Hint: We can’t stop talking about it.)

What’s the deal?

Made with a natural blend of 14 different plant-based oils (including camellia seed oil and geranium flower oil), the Sleep Elixir was formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin and help with inflammatory issues like rosacea and acne. “The formulation includes a Caribbean coral extract, which neutralizes the enzyme responsible for skin aging, and a sandalwood nut kernel oil to help prevent collagen and elastin breakdown,” Aalam adds.

So does it work?

I’m no stranger to face oils—I’ve kept camellia seed oil and rosehip seed oil both in frequent rotation in my nighttime routine—but each evening, I’ve dealt with the same problem. My face oils rarely fully absorb into my skin, which leads to irritated eyes as I tried to read a book or watch an episode of Schitt’s Creek before bed. Not fun. When I swapped out my usual go-tos for the Beauty Sleep Elixir, though, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it sunk in quickly, which kept my eyes from stinging.

There’s also the matter of how it felt: Face oils are best to use after your nighttime moisturizer because they help lock in hydration. I did, in fact, notice that on mornings after I applied the Beauty Sleep Elixir, my skin seemed to retain more moisture. That, and the redness that can sometimes flare up in my T-zone seemed reduced.

“During the day, our skin is working hard to protect against free-radical damage from sun exposure and pollution and has less time to rest and recover,” Aalam explains. “At night, cortisol—the stress hormone—decreases, allowing our body to go into repair mode. That’s why night is the best time to apply the Beauty Sleep Elixir—it puts the antioxidants found in the product to work.”

I may not be hanging out with Meghan Markle, regularly attending galas, or sitting front row at tennis tournaments of any kind, but I’ll gladly use a product that makes my nights feel just a little bit more regal. Now, you can too.

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