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The things we do in the name of skincare: Chemical peels, exfoliating scrubs, balancing toners, hydrating masks, plumping eye cream—all for glowing, impossibly radiant skin. It’s all fun and games until breakouts occur and stick around, becoming a chronic issue. Such a frustrating occasion arose for Trinity Mouzon Wofford, CEO and cofounder of wellness brand Golde. “I had constant acne all along my cheeks, jaw, and even my neck,” says Wofford. “I tried pretty much everything: saw an herbalist, all the different natural beauty routines, all the not-so-natural routines, etc.” Wofford—founder of the wildly popular adaptogenic powder brand Golde (and the youngest woman of color to launch a brand at Sephora, NBD…)—turned to experimentation in her moment of frustration and started slathering her superfood powders on her face. “I already knew the power of using them internally and wanted to see if they could make a difference in my acne,” she says.

Lo and behold, her skin immediately responded: “The texture shifted, and the new breakouts stopped appearing.” And just like that, a new line of Golde was born: Golde Beauty, two powder-to-gel masks that are made of 100 percent pure superfood extract powders and are entirely edible. And not only are they edible, but they’re also actually good for you. Packed full of staples you already put in your everyday smoothie, like chlorella, spirulina, marshmallow root extract, sea buckthorn, and chlorophyll, it takes natural skincare to a whole new level.

It’s one of the first masks on the market that you can apply topically and add to your morning smoothie or oatmeal while the formula is repairing and exfoliating skin. “We had always intended to launch skincare eventually, but it was my own life-changing experience that inspired us to get these products out into the world as soon as possible,” says Wofford. “I was truly floored by how quickly I was able to heal my skin after over a year of trying everything under the sun to no avail.”

Golde’s Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Edible masks are nothing new. Beauty aficionados have been DIY’ing treatments for decades made of everything from Greek yogurt to Manuka honey to mashed avocado to create their own au naturel masks. But Golde’s mixture takes the formulation equation out of your hands and customizes it to alleviate common skin woes.

Clean Greens is the anti-pollution, detoxifying mask that basically acts as a green juice for your skin. It repairs and renews with green super-trio chlorella, spirulina, and chlorophyll. (You can also add a tablespoon of this to your morning smoothie.) “A lot of people notice an instant glow effect after using the Clean Greens mask because of the oxygenating power of the chlorophyll content,” says Wofford.

Lucuma Bright exfoliates and brightens with a blend of vitamin C and fruit enzymes like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn. (A tablespoon adds a fruity punch to anything from smoothies to chia seed pudding.)

That’s not to say these two masks don’t encourage their own type of DIY. The powder formula allows them to be customized to skin and makes it shelf stable and sans-preservatives. Each activates with just a few drops of water and is designed to be personalized—use raw honey with the powder to reduce breakouts, yogurt to soothe and nourish, or facial oil to lock in hydration. Or mix and match with any and all—the world is your (pearlescent skincare) oyster.   Edible interest piqued? There are a few other options, with varying degrees of DIY’ing, within reach that you might love too.

The Beginner’s Option

Whoa, You Can Add This Face Mask to Your Morning Smoothie
Mushroom Face Mask & Tonic, Four Sigmatic ($50)

This adaptogenic and cacao-packed formula makes 20 tonics or 13 masks. When used as a mask, it’s super purifying and can help clear pores; as a tonic, the powder aids with stress and sleep thanks to the blend of mushroom-based adaptogens. Just add water and drink up or massage onto skin—it’s as easy as that.

The Glowy, Intermediate Option

Whoa, You Can Add This Face Mask to Your Morning Smoothie
Clean Greens, Golde ($34)

Mix and match the activating ingredient, whether it be water, yogurt, honey, or face oil to customize it according to how your skin feels that day. A superpowder mix instantly becomes four (or more) face masks based on the ingredients used—mix and match to your heart’s (and skin’s) desire.

The Ultimate Tricky Ingredient Option

Whoa, You Can Add This Face Mask to Your Morning Smoothie
Golden Sun Mask, Whole Beauty

At Domino HQ last year, we mixed up a blend of goat’s yogurt, saffron threads, and raw honey to create a face mask that still today is unparalleled in its glow factor. The ingredients are trickier to source, particularly the high-quality, expensive saffron, but it’s worth it for the unprecedented radiance that occurs immediately afterward.

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