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Photography by JULIANA VLCKOVA
Is it just us or does it seem like rental kitchens often come with one terribly inconvenient detail or another? As if having to deal with a tiny space weren’t enough, toss in the challenges that arise from the lack of a dishwasher, stove, or cabinets that can hardly function as intended.

In regards to the latter, one prominent issue many urban-dwellers find themselves facing is that of kitchen cabinets, which take up vertical space in lieu of the more desired horizontal alternative. A lack of square footage may be the underlying reason for this but how does one cope with storage when it comes to shelving that remains out of reach?

Ahead we look at the clever tips and tricks you can employ to make the most of your tall kitchen cabinets


Store Wisely

Consider the higher-up shelves as added storage space for the items and accessories you will be less inclined to use during your day-to-day. Don’t just limit yourself to the culinary staples or dinnerware but think outside the box, in terms of pieces one would not necessarily put in the kitchen. That ever-growing cookbook collection or your entertaining essentials (which come out once or twice a year) make for a great start.

For those living in a tiny space or studio, consider bringing in an added storage unit to house your everyday plates, glassware, and pots and pans.

Photography by lucano

Use a Step Stool

At the end of the day, when you’re stuck with cabinet shelves that are too hard to reach and strapped for much else in terms of added storage, a step stool can be a relatively handy accessory. This mod and vibrantly-colored option marries form and function with effortless ease.

Lucano Step Stool, Hasegawa USA, $128.99

Photography by yamazaki

Use the Doors

While the standard over-the-door storage solution may be more common for the spot under the sink, it will work just as well with high cabinets, especially if the top half of the vertical space is left unused. A hanging unit with multiple points of storage options can provide plenty of relief when storing the smaller items you may otherwise not have the room for.

Tosca Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack, Yamazaki, $37.99

Photography by the container store

Adopt Stackable Shelves

We’re all for taking it back to our locker days, where these handy contraptions helped establish added shelf space within a narrow nook. This easily stackable unit provides a secure base for all your culinary essentials, helping create ample storage space in an instant.

Medium Bamboo Stackable Shelf, The Container Store, $16.99

Photography by the container store

Hang Glassware

Finding a spot for your wine glass collection just got a whole lot easier. Make use of the ample vertical space by installing this clever bar-inspired organizer within an internal shelf. Safely stow your stemware within the kitchen cabinets, leaving the bar cart free for the other (arguably) more important pieces.

Undershelf Stemware Holder Chrome, The Container Store, $8.99

Photography by ikea

Create Your Own Shelves

Find yourself with tall cabinets and a corner unit? This versatile organizer is the ultimate fix. Make the most of the dreaded corner cabinet with this carousel-inspired, customizable shelf, which will help keep your everyday essentials close at hand and easily reachable.

UTRUSTA Wall corner cabinet carousel, Ikea, $69

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