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An accent wall is a golden opportunity to get experimental. Sure, you might not want to coat your entire living room in bright pink Gucci wallpaper, but who can’t spare a sliver of wall for the vibrant print? Decorating is meant to be fun, after all. Of course, the concept of a statement surface isn’t new—and it’s easy for it to feel uninspired. That’s where we come in. 

According to a report from Houzz on 2019 renovation trends, 35 percent of homeowners are adding accent walls to their bathrooms, which tells us that this long-favored style is experiencing something of a comeback. Between all the beautiful tile options (zellige! iridescent!) and the innovative wallpaper collections on the market right now, renovators are positively spoiled for choice—it’s just a matter of deciding what works for you. Here are a few of our favorite spaces that got it right: 

The Color-Blocked One

Leave it to 2LG Studio to come up with a bathroom that mimics an art installation—bubblegum pink and royal blue have never looked better. This space, featured in the brand’s upcoming book (available for preorder now), shows the power of a strong palette. At the very least, the bright setup will make early mornings a little brighter. 


Pro tip: Think big and have two statement walls rather than one—here, both surfaces make a splash in equal measure. 

The Luxe One

You might not be able to swing a full room full of intricately patterned marble, but as this shower from Studio DB shows, a little goes a long way. They’re only in one corner of the walk-in shower, but the stripes and half-moon shapes provide welcome contrast in an otherwise simple—but gorgeous!—nook. 

Pro tip: A design like this deserves to be on full display, so it works best in a walk-in shower situation—or one with clear glass doors. 

The Painted-and-Done One

Dabito’s take is as easy as it gets, but it’s not less showstopping thanks to the deep emerald color and the matching tiles. If you would call yourself more of a rookie, follow his lead with a coat of paint across your widest blank surface. 


Pro tip: Bring in smaller accessories in the same shade as the wall for the ultimate monochrome moment. Dabito played up the green with a mini forest of potted plants

The Geometric One

If, on the other hand, you have a bit more wiggle room for creativity (and a free weekend), go Charlotte Fequet’s route. Staggered Yves Klein Blue tiles define the shower as its own destination, and given that the rest of the room is essentially white, it definitely spices up the place. 

Pro tip: Pick tile with dimension, whether that’s a textured finish or just an unusual shape. The glossiness of this tile makes it even more eye-catching. 

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