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There’s a reason monochrome is such a classic—for one, it goes with everything. But black and white bathroom floor tiles don’t have to be checkerboard, and they certainly don’t have to look like they belong in a rental. There’s a world of punchy patterns and elevated color pairings out there, and these six spaces are a great jumping-off point for inspiration. 

Dress up your minimal palette with funky wallpaper, or keep it pared back with sleek cabinets and a subdued wall hue. The best part about this combo is how versatile it is. Any one of these grayscale spots would make neutrals-obsessed Diane Keaton proud.

The 3-D Cubes

Why we love it: In a traditional, crown molding-covered Paris apartment, the bathroom offers an unexpected splash of contemporary style. It’s all thanks to the graphic tile, which continues past antique doors into the shower for the perfect blend of old and new. 

Copycat style: Each of these cement squares is handmade using a centuries-old technique, so expect a bit of variation—though that will only add to their charm. 

The Curved Blocks

Why we love it: Set against a backdrop of subway tiles and sleek fixtures, the flooring in this room, designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architects, stands out from all the clean lines. Plus with the different prints in each quadrant, the layout looks custom. 

Copycat style: These matte black tiles offer a similar abstract shape—and they’re just as modular.

The Minimalist Dots

Why we love it: The pared-back spots mimic the simplicity of the soft blush paint and pale wood pieces in this Paris bathroom—anything bolder would have overpowered the small space. To avoid the specks looking out of place, design team Heju continued the black accents in the trim and faucet. 

Copycat style: Basic white hex ceramics are the perfect base to freestyle with: Pepper in a few random black tiles, or try a charcoal grout to keep the contrast going. 

The Thick Stripes

Why we love it: Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock picked a Florida-inspired palm wallpaper for their powder room, complemented by alternating strips of black and while flooring—a combination that theoretically sounds overwhelming but in reality is all our maximalist dreams come true.

Copycat style: To start building out your own more-is-more look, you’ll need some shiny black tiling. This polished porcelain option is water-resistant, too. 

The Spots

Why we love it: The hex tiles in Amanda Greeley’s pale blue bathroom are arranged in a way that makes the floor look dotted. The designer also made the dark hue the star of her enviable tub, right down to the plumbing. 

Copycat style: For another fun way to switch up a hexagon silhouette, look no further than this mosaic version, which is designed to resemble a flower. 

The Moody Retreat

Why we love it: If you want your black and white bathroom floor tiles to exude elegance, lean into the drama by pairing them with inky walls and shiny brass hardware à la this space by Studio McGee

Copycat style: These pretty starburst-printed cement squares are enough to bring character to any room, no matter its size. 

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