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Domino contributor Frances Tulk-Hart explores life, love, and sharing a home.

photography and words by  FRANCES TULK-HART

The Guy and The Girl:

Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock, co-founders of Monogram

The Place: 

Their house in Brooklyn

“To Increase Fertility” Art by Amelia Bauer ameliabauer.com;

What’s your love story so far?

We met at a party years ago. 

How many years together?

Six years, married for four. 

Favorite object? 

Lisa: Two gigantic pink conch shells we dove for while on vac- ation in the Bahamas. 

Dream item you want to buy? 

Jeff: A giant de Sede sectional.  Lisa: I wouldn’t say no to a Frank Stella irregular polygon painting.

First item you bought together? 

A fiberglass console table with big perforated holes we found at a junk store. It doesn’t feel too heavy in the space surrounded by greenery. 

How do you design your interiors? 

It’s definitely a mix of both our tastes, but we have a lot of crossover in what we appreciate: great poster art, odd textiles, ’70s colored glass, and lots of plants.

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Lisa Mayock and Jeff Halmos celebrated two big arrivals this year. Their son Pascal was born in May, and the couple launched their graphic shirt line, Monogram, that very same month. “We’d be lying if we said having a two-year-old, a newborn, and launching a new business at the same time hasn’t been challenging,” says Jeff with a smile. “But that hasn’t stopped us from staying caught up on the latest season of Silicon Valley!” Originally, a room in their Clinton Hill apartment served as an office, although it quickly became “a catchall disaster zone,” says Lisa. “We just kept the door closed!” Now a studio space in Bushwick balances work and life for the duo, who share a love for poster art and eclectic textiles—both of which influence the Monogram line in the form of vintage-inspired graphic tees that could pass for the ultimate flea market find. This cool, unfussy approach is channeled at home, too. “We want people to feel like our house is a place they can come to and chill,” says Jeff. “Assuming, of course, they don’t mind the occasional crying baby!”

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“The palm tree print wallpaper in our powder room reminds me of growing up in Florida.”

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“We’re not precious with our decor. If it gets stained or smashed, at least we enjoyed it!”

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WHAT INSPIRES YOUR INTERIORS? “India! We went there on our honeymoon. The color combinations are wild.”