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photography by  MOLLY WINTERS

We know, you really need another reason to add Austin to your travel list. But this one just might be worth a special trip. Claire Zinnecker, owner and lead designer at Claire Zinnecker Design​ took on a makeover of Adelante Boutique in Austin, Texas for owner Tricia Roberts. The space was in need of an overhaul, and in Claire’s capable hands, it got one. The results are showstopping, so much so that we’re taking notes–for our apartments.


TELL US A LITTLE ABOUT THIS PROJECT. HOW DID IT COME ABOUT?​ I met Tricia during college and actually helped her with a small facelift right out of school, it was my first commercial project and really one of the first projects I did on my own! ​She had been talking about a full remodel for a while, she’s been in that space for years, and so when the building owners decided to redo the exterior she decided it was time to pull the trigger (yay!).


WHAT OVERALL AESTHETIC WERE YOU AIMING FOR?​ I wanted it to feel clean, feminine, modern and not too “trendy”. There is a lot of product in the store so I wanted to simplify that visually by making the fixtures as uniform as possible. Luckily Tricia completely understood my concept and let me roll with it.​

WHAT ASPECT OF THIS REDESIGN ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF?​ Oh that’s tough. I love the way the custom T-stands turned out, the cash wrap is perfect for their needs….probably my favorite is the brass inlay in the concrete.​ I drove the concrete installer crazy but it was worth it.

ANY ADVICE FOR READERS HOPING TO ACHIEVE A SIMILAR AESTHETIC IN THEIR HOMES?​ Pick specific “moments” to make the statement and let the rest stay simple and minimal. Don’t stress about matching perfectly. And let natural materials speak for themselves. Natural wood and concrete can make any space feel more open and fresh.


WHAT WERE YOUR PRIMARY GOALS FOR THIS REDESIGN? I wanted my store to have a completely new look! It has been 10 years since I have done a refresh — it was time for a change. The main goal was to create a clean aesthetic with a cohesive look so my merchandise would pop.


WHAT ASPECT OF THIS DESIGN ARE YOU MOST PLEASED WITH? I am pleased with everything! I love the color palette of pale pink and white, the concrete floors with inlays of brass, the custom fixtures and the mix of high-end and vintage finds. The store is just beautiful and came out exactly how I envisioned it. ​

WHAT IS THE BEST CUSTOMER REACTION YOU’VE HEARD SO FAR? The customer response has been incredible. I’ve heard, “wow, this looks so different!” “Did you expand?” “Where did you get the couch, rugs, or lights?” Customers have literally asked about everything, from paint to the concrete color.