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When planning a bathroom update, it’s easy to gravitate toward traditional colors. White is probably the most common choice, of course, followed by the safe gray and perhaps blue. But can we make a somewhat out-of-the-box suggestion? A bathroom is a perfect place for pink hues. 

Unlike the aforementioned calm shades, pink provides a fun pop of color in this small space and tends to flatter all skin tones reflected in the vanity mirror. It has a way of complementing a variety of other hues, too, from bolder teals to moodier blacks, making it the ideal base to try when you’ve decided to do away with tradition in this room entirely. Add these five pink bathroom ideas to your mood board, and see how fast your creativity soars. 

If you like a dreamy watercolor look…

Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

The finish on the honeycomb tiles in this pink bathroom has the quality of a watercolor painting, which looks appealing as light changes throughout the day. The blush shade was used on the walls, too, since you can never have too much of a good thing. 

If you see pink in the details…

Courtesy of DB Studio

On the flip side, if you’re someone who prefers pops of pink in design, this powder room from DB Studio should be more your speed. The pink flowers in this rich wallpaper match the rosy touches of pink in the marble, showing how impactful this choice can be in a multicolored scheme. 

If you’re all about texture…

Courtesy of Lynne Bradley

Sleek bathrooms can be calming for some, but if you want to take the opportunity to add texture to this personal space, go the Lynne Bradley Kirribilli route. The designer covered a vanity wall in pink stone to match a pair of blush sinks, and then added handblown lights and rounded mirrors to give a soft contrast. All the different textures work together for a room that’s full of personality. 

If you prefer something simple…

Courtesy of 2Lg Studio

Minimalists can appreciate that pink is a shade that can often stand on its own without needing other hues to bring it to life. Take this 2LG Studio bathroom as an example: Its square pink tiles simply run throughout the space and it all feels complete. 

If you want to create a certain mood…

Courtesy of yaroslav

While not all of us are blessed with natural light, pink can still make a statement in a dark bathroom with plenty of shadows. The plastered effect of the pink walls surrounding the teal-and-terrazzo vanity in this space becomes even more dramatic with the changing light, and the pink does well to capture all the rays that it can. 

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