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Kids, pets, and even everyday spills and accidents: There are a lot of things that can happen to your rug that make it tempting to just toss the whole thing out. After a few years (even months) of ownership, you might also discover that the floor covering you once loved isn’t quite your taste after all. Whether stains or style are working against the rug that you shelled out good money for, putting it on the curb for garbage disposal isn’t always the best option. With a couple of DIY fixes, your rug can look as good as new and maybe even better than when you first got it.

When it comes to picking the best fixer-upper route for your rug, consider how it currently operates in your space. If it’s become ridden with stains, a good wash can refresh it just fine, but if the markings are persistent, a DIY dye job might be the better route. If boredom is the main culprit convincing you to toss it, a bit of paint, patchwork, or even just a few festive add-ons can work wonders, turning your drab rug into something that feels perfectly inspiring in your space.

By putting in a little elbow grease, you can end up saving a ton of money that can go toward improving other areas in your home. Plus, by upcycling or refreshing the decor you already have, you can make your space even more sustainable. Simply put: No matter which route you take, it’s sure to be a winning decision. Follow these ideas below to rehabilitate your rug.

Clean it

If your white or cream-colored rug has gone dingy, don’t immediately lose hope. Senior home editor Gabrielle Savoie swears by an under-$100 rug cleaner that can easily be tucked away in a closet after use. At the very least, investing in this kind of tool can help you to rest easy when houseguests invariably forget to remove their shoes before walking on your newly pristine rug.

Overdye it

If stains are a bit tougher to remove or you no longer feel passionate about the rug you once picked up at the thrift store, consider overdyeing it in a different color. This vibrant effect can totally change the vibe of your room.

If you’re up for the challenge, follow Lily Ardor’s advice for how she transformed her multicolored Turkish rug into a stunning, deep red room feature— just be mindful that this DIY shouldn’t be done on synthetic or hand-tufted rugs, as they can’t withstand the dyeing process. If your rug is sturdy and made with a natural fiber like wool, then it’s well-suited for this project. But, if you’re less than confident in your DIY skills (or don’t want to accidentally ruin an expensive rug), consider getting your rug professionally dyed.

Cut it up

Want to totally transform your rug? Pattern Stitch Blog’s patchwork DIY might just be your best route, especially if you want to strategically dispose of stained sections. Gather some carpet samples at your local home or hardware store to use along with the material you already have and gear up for a satisfying project that can be completed in just a few hours.

Add some tassels

Maybe your rug hasn’t fallen into total disrepair and it just needs a little bit of extra love. If that’s the case, we recommend Fall for DIY’s ultra-simple tassel rug DIY. When your floor covering is looking just a little bland or barren, a bit of fringe can have an impressive effect at a super-low cost.

Paint it

A plain, single-color rug can end up feeling tired, especially if it’s in a color that you’re less than passionate about. If you’re patient and want to indulge in your crafty side, though, The Vintage Porch’s painted rug DIY makes for a fun activity that can spruce up your space. This project works best on outdoor rugs that aren’t absorptive and don’t have a high-pile.

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