Published on April 24, 2019

When a family of six returned home to Sydney, Australia, after a stint abroad in Hong Kong, they realized their former home was due for a much-needed upgrade. The late nineteenth-century home, which boasts million-dollar views of Sydney Harbour, had become lackluster inside, and the 1980s-era renovations were in dire need of a face-lift.

The first order of business: the master bathroom. The room’s small footprint and awkward angles could easily have deterred anyone but not interior designer Lynne Bradley, who was tasked with the project. “It was imperative to maximize the illusion of space and work with the architecture and not against it,” she told Domino. The bathroom needed to be functional, but it also had to speak to the harbourside neighborhood of Killibirri, where the home is located, and the area’s historical significance.

Having already worked with the clients on multiple homes, she knew exactly how to make this small space work for them. To maximize storage and square footage, she designed a custom double vanity and added plenty of shelving, hooks, and towel bars. But the transformation really took place in the standout finishes she chose: a pink pave marble wall that resembles terrazzo, “Kit-Kat” tiling, blush penny-round tiles, and rose-hued bathroom sinks.

Solve Small Square Footage With a Maritime Eye

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Courtesy of Lynne Bradley Interiors
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Photography by Anson Smart; Design by Lynne Bradley Interiors

Because of its petite size, Bradley approached the master bathroom layout as she would a ship’s cabin. “The previous ensuite was completely demolished to allow for my resolutions in layout and finishes,” she explains. “My clients wanted a double vanity created so that they could be comfortable in the bathroom together, with ample space and a sense of personality and style.” To maximize storage, she designed a wall-hung four-drawer vanity and added multiple shower shelves and hooks.

Dial Up the Luxe Factor With Elegant Contrasts

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Photography by Anson Smart; Design by Lynne Bradley Interiors

For Bradley, who has over 20 years of experience in design, the most important facets of a bathroom renovation are quality finishes. That includes statement tiles, great lighting, beautiful mirrors, and most importantly, heated floors. “I combined a variety of surfaces, colors, and textures to create interest, depth, and contrast,” she explains. “The juxtaposition of black and white geometric hard lines and the soft organic nature of the pink marble tiles creates a soothing balance.” A charcoal-hued custom vanity is softened with a white Corian countertop and aged brass fixtures.  

Draw Inspiration From Your Local Surroundings

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Photography by Anson Smart; Design by Lynne Bradley Interiors

The color palette in the room was no accident, either. The rose-hued sandstone foundation blocks of the historic home inspired the design. “I wanted to infer the historical Maritime link and proximity to the harbor through color,” says Bradley. “The pink also represents the blush froth of the ocean’s waves and can also be seen on public benches and handrails throughout the Kirribilli neighborhood. It anchors the home to its surroundings.”

Drawing on the soft, sunset hues of the harbourside, the designer also balanced the space with pops of black and angular lines. Blush-colored tiles and pink-hued sinks may not be for everyone, but for this family, it’s the color palette that brings them a sense of home.

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