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Moving beyond cookie-cutter pedestals and snoozy vanities, 2019 is shaping up to be the year statement sinks step into the spotlight. Now more than ever, designers, DIY’ers, and style-minded homeowners are rethinking bathroom norms by way of allover color, shapely podiums, and colorful stones. One minute you think you’re just washing your hands, and the next you’re catapulted into a world of unadulterated pampering and good design.

Looking to make a bold refresh in the bathroom? Here are 13 fresh sink ideas we can’t stop thinking about.

Bold Stones   

Rusty hints of orange seep through the cracks of this casual yet sophisticated sink, the brainchild of San Francisco–based designer Lauren Geremia. The edgy addition of matte black legs and coordinating hardware gives new life to the organic movement and makeup of the natural stone. This is one happy hue only Mother Earth can approve.

While there are a few trends at work in this picturesque bathroom (note the two-tone walls and terrazzo), we can’t stop thinking about the elevated hot-pink basin. A warm muted green doubles as an anchor and point of contrast for the powerful hue.

This supernatural scene from Yulia Mamedova confirms our love for primary colors. Although the sink itself might feel ordinary, it’s the bulky, cylindrical pedestal beneath that delivers the impact we so desperately desire. A chunkier terrazzo pattern like this truly shines when it trickles down to the floor.

We’d book a plane ticket to Detroit for this dreamy mint green moment alone. The confetti-like pattern of this custom terrazzo sink at the Siren Hotel serves as a speckled celebration of 20th-century design.

Hard Versus Soft

Contrast by color is one way to spark visual simulation. A similar effect can be achieved through opposing textures and materials. In Minted founder and CEO Mariam Naficy’s layered Napa Valley home, a darker moment plays out in the master bathroom where a large slab of salvaged wood supports a heavy charcoal-colored basin. The unexpected combination of a rich metal and recycled wood lands this dreamy wash space somewhere between industrial-chic and eco-conscious minimalism.

In lieu of shopping in a showroom, Kassina Folstad’s farmhouse vanity combines a mix of found materials, including wood sourced from a rotted fence post, vintage table legs, and Carrara marble. Here, the authentic wear on timeless woods and original patina take precedent over colored hardware and shiny new metals.

A metal as cool as copper might seem like a recipe for rigidity, but in Susan and Ben Work’s artful California home, texture gives the material a sense of bounce and balance. The small dimples in the copper sink pick up on the varied nature of the mixed tiling in the backdrop.

Vintage Treasures

Sybil Domond and Dan Lessin’s globally inspired bathroom might be tiny, but it’s filled with plenty of sweet surprises, including imported Moroccan tiles and this whimsical antique basin. Swapping out a standard for a gem sourced at your local flea market is a great way to add an extra dose of personality to a room.

Farmhouse sinks aren’t just for the kitchen anymore. In Alyson Fox’s laidback Austin home, a basic bucket sink from Alape reinforces the sense of rustic minimalism that informs the rest of the designer’s home. To spice up the room’s simplicity, Fox will frequently rotate the art that hangs above.

You wouldn’t think twice about these sleek white and black sinks if they were sitting on their own. But when backed by a vibrant color scheme and contemporary shapes, their elementary compositions serve as a source of serenity. If only every double sink could be as stylish as 2LG’s vivid creation.

Allover Maximalism

With gold swans for faucets and rose quartz for basins, this decadent display at the infamous London members’ club Annabel’s takes English eccentricity to an unparalleled level. If there’s anywhere where big design risks like this pay off IRL, it’s in a tiny powder room.

To achieve peek Wes Anderson charm, re-create this pink-on-pink display at the Budapest Cafe in Chengdu, China, with a dual mirror scheme, speckled terrazzo walls, and a singular, structural podium. With nowhere to accumulate sink-side clutter, this utilitarian sink is the perfect match for bathroom litterbugs.

Allover pink is clearly a winning theme for 2019, and this bathroom by Crosby Studios is an idyllic example of how the maximalist color trend can be pared down to the studs. That is, with the exception of a splash of greenery.

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