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If you look at any homeowner’s wish list, the items likely include a massive tub that’s primed for relaxation. Having a spa-like bathroom is a daily luxury that can help alleviate even the most stressful of days—okay, at least a little bit. Looks like we’re not the only ones harboring this love for a good bathtub: The #SOdomino hashtag is chock-full of endless tub-spo. What can we say? Great minds think alike.

Whether you’re ready to upgrade to a standalone tub in 2019 or just want to spend a bit of time lusting after gorgeous bathrooms (we understand), here are some of the bathtubs you shared on Instagram that we can’t stop thinking about. Keep ’gramming. 


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The angled tub was a risk for design firm Leclair Decor, but it’s a gamble that definitely paid off. If you’re looking to take your bathroom to the next level, play around with layout and throw traditional floor plans out the window. Not only is the tilted tub more visually interesting than one flush against the wall, but the little nook created by the angle is just enough space to fit a tiny olive tree.


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Here, simplicity is the name of the game. We’re loving how the matte black frame perfectly matches the matte black tub (it’s the little things) and how a couple of hanging woven baskets keep the space feeling light—a much better solution than most clunky storage options.


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Admittedly, this outdoor bathroom situation is hardly practical for most people. But what even the most die-hard city dwellers can take note of are the cool copper tubs. They lend a unique touch that differs from standard models. If your bathroom’s architecture leans rustic, fully embrace the industrial vibe with a metal-finished tub and accents in raw, unfinished materials—maybe a concrete farmhouse sink or an iron-plated sconce.


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This bathroom is definitely on the opulent end of the spectrum, but if it was ours, we’d probably spend all day in there. Specifically, in that bathtub. Strategically positioned in front of a steady stream of natural light (privacy is very 2018), it’s the undeniable focal point of this room. There’s even a TV nearby, so the lucky homeowners can binge Marie Kondo’s new show while unwinding.


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If there’s one thing we learned from this space, it’s that there’s no wrong place to get experimental with color. If you’re not pleased with the shade of your claw-foot tub, a quick coat of paint will do the trick. It’s a far more budget-friendly alternative to getting a whole new bath.


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Building the tub inside slabs of wood instantly elevates the look. Plus, this is an easy way to ensure that bathtime essentials like books or candles stay away from potential water damage. Complemented by simple accessories, it’s an ideal space for any minimalist.


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Here, the standalone tub has some serious competition for the title of most noteworthy part of the bathroom from the seafoam tile. When you have such gorgeous tilework, the bathtub itself can be kept super simple. A minimalist bronze sconce and a lone plant are the only accent pieces needed in this space.


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Are copper tubs trending? Try mixing materials in your bathroom for an eclectic yet elegant look. We’re following the lead of this space: Marble, copper, and rustic wood all work beautifully because color is kept out. Therefore, the materials really shine.

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