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Athena Calderone loves a good branch. So much so that she made it the new focal point of her shower. In a video posted to Instagram, she walks us through exactly how to re-create the look at home—when taken from your own backyard, this easy accessory costs exactly $0. 

“Our self-care rituals also deserve some beauty,” says Calderone. “Why not place a sculptural clipping directly in the bathroom?” She picked lilac, a fragrant bloom that both holds sentimental value (it reminds her of her mom) and aromatherapeutic properties. “I find that it has such a calming effect and eases my own anxiety,” she adds.


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Set aside a morning to go foraging in your yard—or if you live in a rural area, take a walk and see what you can scavenge—and choose sweet-smelling foliage. The steam from the shower will release the scent. If you’re looking for something permanent rather than perfumed, Calderone recommends letting a branch fully dry out before placing it in a waterless jug. “It will last forever,” she explains. 

Repurpose a taller vase from another part of your house for your fresh bathroom decor, or splurge on a new piece. We’re partial to terracotta and porcelain options for dried clippings, which mimic Calderone’s earthy minimalist vibe, but for a 100 percent waterproof version, glass is always a safe bet. Here’s what we’re eyeing: 

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