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Kylie Jenner is no stranger to making headlines, but this week her millions of fans weren’t talking about her famous family. They were discussing her shower. The reality star posted an Instagram Story of her spa-like setup, starring matte black hardware; a blink-and-you-miss-it drain; and, most notably, wall-to-wall pink marble. But what exactly is the unusual material lining her space? With a little help from ABC Stone, we identified it as rosa aurora, a marble originating in Portugal and known for its contradicting hues—rosy blush with dashes of stark blacks and grays. 

Courtesy of Kylie Jenner

While rosa aurora is certainly popular among tastemakers (Athena Calderone has a version of the stone in her shower), it isn’t the only bubblegum surface you can use in your bathroom. ABC Stone laid out a few more pink-toned options to achieve a similar look: Byzantine pink onyx sports flecks of silver and gold for a visual pop much like Jenner’s, while pink onyx more closely resembles beloved rose quartz. Regardless of your choice, though, these rosy marbles all have one thing in common: a luxurious finish that will bring the hotel vibes you miss home. 

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