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As far as bathroom trends go, there are your typical string of creative elements: wall paint, clever use of tiles, or fixtures clad in a contrasting metal—and then there are the more untraditional. From unexpected color pairings to fresh takes on standard design elements, there are a handful of trends that certainly set the bar for a daring finish. Here, a few beautifully decorated spots from around the world, which inspire us to take a more fearless approach to how we view a standard bath.

Designed by GCG Architects

There are your standard slew of textured elements within a space and then there are the textured details that really take things to the next level. Concrete, be it in polished or more of a raw form, has long been a material used to implement an aesthetic that embodies either a modern or organic feel—and of course, in certain cases, one that beautifully combines the two. Take this defined and bucolic farmhouse bath, which comes filled with an array of industrial details accented by the vivid greens, all set against the natural characteristics of the stone setting.

The vibrant color block of the tiles found in the bathroom of this LA-based home is not one that requires a heavy-handed install or much thought for that matter. The beauty of it lies within the simplicity of the concept, one that contributes to an aesthetic that goes far beyond the effort put forth in the implementing the scheme.

Intricate patterns and bold colors rule in this Atlanta home—and the bathroom is no exception. A graphic wallpaper decks the space, instilling the room with an animated dose of character and style. Bright pops of primary hues elevate the high-contrast, black-and-white palette, while the stained wood vanity contributes a subtle hint of warmth to the strictly contemporary details of the room.

Gridded tiles have seamlessly swooped in as an equally trendy alternative to

subway tile

. Short of merely reserving the look for a backsplash or within the shower, we’ve seen an increasing number of spaces that have fully embraced the gridded effect through a floor-to-ceiling installation. Think of it as modern minimalism at its finest.

Design by Eleni Psyllaki of My Paradissi

This his-and-hers bath boasts one seriously envy-worthy design scheme. Mixing metallics within an intimate space can be a tricky feat, but this Melbourne-based spot certainly succeeded in combining warm brass and copper tones with bold, matte black finishes. The key? Setting the pieces up against a relatively neutral backdrop—in this case, a handful of hues within a blush-toned spectrum—which, will in turn complement the metals.

Penny Drop Cafe, designed by We Are Huntly 

Primary colors take the lead in this vibrant bath where an eclectic mix of patterns and textures form a visually dynamic scene with no shortage of inspired details. Subdued shades of blue and yellow provide a more approachable take on the classic hues, avoiding a potentially over-powering effect. Pops of red earmark the bathroom’s fixtures, lending a rather untraditional twist to the standard accessories. While the color palette of this bath steals the show, it’s the subtle patterns—found within the floor tiles and subway-tiled bath—that really complete the scene.

Designed by GCG Architects

Not all bathtubs come with the most attractive facades so, when in need of a little facelift, tiles might just be the more cost-effective solution to replacing the tub itself. Since monochrome tiles definitely constitute as playing it safe, take the plunge and opt for a unique color block instead.

Tour the rest of this Swedish home on Elle Decoration

Navy blues and warm hues hardly ever come together in a space as intimate as this. What may seem like an unexpected pairing surprisingly works, thanks to the complementary qualities of the contrasting hues. The tiled flooring, which features a vibrant red, plays off of the blush-toned ceiling that’s similar in texture to the deep blue wall. Matte black detailing—found within the fixtures and subtle borders of the room—complete the scene.

Design by Studio Tack for Casa Bonay Barcelona 

Short of designating merely a shade or two for the bathroom, take things a step further with a show-stopping moment, preferably one that encompasses a wallpapered detail. Mix and match elements that relate to decorative wall details, think along the lines of: a vibrant tiled backsplash, contrasting wall paint, and an intricately patterned wallpaper that ties the look together with either aesthetics or in color.

Designed by Maéma Architectes for Cote Maison

It’s no secret that the subway tile trend has been around for quite some time now, but a relatively new development would have to be its square alternative. A further unexpected twist on the trend? Opting for tiles of a bold shade, much like the deep emerald in this stunning modern bath. The scene is made complete by the addition of the soft stone vanity and the chic brass fixtures.

Designed by Technē Architecture and Interior Design 

A vintage palette takes the lead in this retro-inspired bath, which manages to seamlessly integrate a retro aesthetic with modern flair. The seemingly unrestrained color scheme of the space is united by the dusty undertones of the paint colors that set the backdrop of the room. The lack of texture in the room, coupled with the streamlined details of the decorative furnishings, help contribute to the modern feel, while the sage green and deep copper hues pay tribute to a more retro look.

Designed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa

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