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When it comes to designing a bathroom, you have your standard scope of decorative details to consider. Tiling, wall paint, and fixtures are just a handful of the crucial elements that comprise the space. The proceeding tier presents itself in the form of the smaller and more easily interchangeable pieces: area rugs, shower curtains, plants…you get the gist.

Taking the aforementioned into consideration, we begin to think about the overall scheme and vision of the room. Let’s say you have a bathroom and the decorative aesthetic errs on the understated side—be it the result of a budget constraint or taste—how does one add interest and personality to the area?

We have uncovered a slew of trends and fresh ideas dominating the design world right now and for as much as we would love to deck our space with a spanning floor-to-ceiling tile display, we realize that it may not be the most economically sound option.

With that in mind, we are here to embrace an abridged take on the tile trend making serious waves right now, and the shower is the spot we have our eyes on. Short of taking to the bathroom with a wall-to-wall tile display, we’re embracing a more statement-worthy alternative: crafting a bold tile moment within the (often) limited constraints of the shower. Ahead, a peek at the baths that inspired us and the trendy tiles with which you can replicate the look.

Think Outside the Square

We’re definitely here for switching things up with a hexagonal tile in lieu of the standard. Imparting the bathroom with a bold and extravagant tile design can be intimidating, especially when you’re integrating a vibrant hue within. Instead of going all out with a floor-to-ceiling display, designate an intimate nook for the dynamic tile detail instead. Take a style cue from this Manhattan Beach abode, where an intricate yet playful backsplash radiates pure good vibes sans the overwhelming feeling that would result from an all-encompassing finish. The result? A contemporary rendition of an ombre effect, which establishes a striking and unique quality.

Go for Glam

If simplicity is more your speed, but you still prefer an elegant finish, this luxe option is the one for you. Go beyond the standard tiled backsplash and opt for an alternative with a hint of luster. In this mod-meets-glam bath, chic brass detailing—conveniently reserved for the bottom portion of the room—provides a fresh layer atop the base of the soothing green walls. Complementary fixtures that come by way of the shower’s frame and fixtures further lend to the alluring aesthetic set.

The Classic

Embrace the standard

subway tile

but give it an element of interest. Opt for the square variety in lieu of the classic rectangular version or think diagonally when it comes to placement. In this modern Philadelphia bathroom, the tiled detailing is reserved within a frame adjacent to the tub, establishing a focal point that is subtle yet impactful. Paired with a whitewashed backdrop, it imparts the room with an element of visual interest.

Go Geometric

Imparting an almost exclusively whitewashed space with a compelling layer can be tricky. That said, designating the shower as the room’s one and only focal point is one foolproof way to do it. Take for example this beautifully modern space, where an ultra-trendy geometric tile design creates an illusion of depth and imparts the room with an air of effortless elegance. Brass fixtures further contribute to the dynamic vision, lending a welcome dose of lustrous style.

Create a Shift in Color

For those working with an open layout, tiles become the ideal medium with which one can establish specific zones within a limited space. Take note from this contemporary bath, where a subtle differentiation in the tonal properties of the tile helps separate the shower from the remainder of the room. Extending the tile closer to the ceiling helps create visual height.

Tile Within a Tile

Mixing and matching tiles can get tricky but the risk is well worth the reward—this luxe bath is only proof. If you feel hard-pressed to embrace the whole subway tile look, consider adding in a visually dynamic tile pattern to impart the rigidity of the former with an elevated layer. The finished product results in an eye-catching mosaic that doubles as an undeniable focal point. Stick to a complementary or neutral color scheme to achieve a cohesive finish—high-contrast hues also work!

In this modern bath, a simple combination of subway and penny tiles are used to achieve this visually-defined and intricately bold finish.

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