Published on June 15, 2019

Renovations are tough. There are hundreds of decisions to make and countless things that can go wrong. One thing is for sure, however: They’re far more challenging than any 30-minute design show leads us to believe. But just because the paradox of choice is very real when it comes to choosing bathroom finishes, that doesn’t mean you should forgo originality in the name of convenience. Just take a deep breath and remember that you’ll be staring at your bathroom tiles for years. Your room will look far more attractive if it’s infused with a little personality.

Instead of going the tried-and-true route of white subway tiles, we suggest you think about the numerous shapes, colors, and sizes available in the bathroom tile space. Given that this room is so small, it’s all right to take tiny style risks if it best reflects your taste. See for yourself with these seven bathroom tile ideas, and keep them in mind the next time you renovate. They may help you from turning your back on your creativity.

If you like a gray detail…

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Courtesy of Emily Henderson

Here’s the thing about this master bathroom by Emily Henderson: It shows what small details can do to update a space. For instance, the white subway tiles are present, but their 3-D-like shape is a ready twist on the norm. The real showstopper, though, is the gray striped tile across the floor, which ties in the surrounding palette while creating a unique pattern.

If you like a color-blocked look…

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Photo by Amy Bartlam for Katie Hodges Design

Pattern and color also come together in this bathroom from Katie Hodges Design, and it makes the case for using various tiling patterns in one small space. As long as the tiles are within the same color family, it should look great. It also helps that the tiling is on the bottom half of the wall.

If you’ve fallen in love with one shade only…

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Photo by Sara Tramp | Designed by Emily Henderson

Let’s say that you’ve fallen completely in love with one tile, and you’re looking for the right design to show it off. Follow the lead of this stacked subway design from Emily Henderson, which employs one shape and color from floor to ceiling. As long as you use a complementary shape for the floor tiles (and shift its direction), you’ll pull off the same uniform look with a slight, appealing contrast.

If you have nothing but love for your shower…

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Photo by Ema Peter for Dear Human Design

Consider this design a well-balanced risk. Although the multicolored Xs appear to scatter up the wall in a random pattern, it’s not overpowering. That’s because the surrounding white, wood, and concrete palette easily fade into the background, making it easier for these colors to shine.

If mid-century vibes are still your thing…

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Photo by Tessa Neustadt for Amber Interiors

If you know you want a minimalist bathroom, then why not make a statement on the floor? This look from Amber Interiors keeps the majority of the palette serene and straightforward and saves its statement for its colorful tile flooring. The terracotta and pink shades in the tiling also complement the vanity, so everything ties together.

If you want to update the typical marble shower…

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Courtesy of Studio DB

While this bathroom from Studio DB makes great use of traditional and luxurious marble, it does so in a totally modern way. Thanks to the mix of crescents, stripes, and colors, the shower’s patterns lend the space a unique feel.

If you love taking long baths…

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Courtesy of Grzywinski+Pons

Those who love the alone time of a nice, long bath can make that clear with a design detail. Follow the lead of this example from Grzywinski+Pons, and use a graphic tile for the area under the tub. It will have the effect of an exclamation point on the space.

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