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Three-by-three inches sounds like a speck in the grand scheme of a renovation, but it’s a measurement that’s having a huge impact in the world of bathroom remodels right now. Small-scale square tile is enjoying a moment that is big enough to rival zellige. Looking back at the spaces we’ve featured on Domino in the past six months, we had a hunch, but Fireclay’s latest launch confirmed our suspicions. The brand just added sheets of square mosaic tiles in two satin colors—soft green and warm white—to its assortment. 

While Fireclay is known for its über-pricey tile (some are $42 per square foot), these large sheets go for $20 per square foot and, more important, ship quickly. How fast, you might ask? They’re ready to head out on the truck in five days or less. Another perk is that they come with a dot-mount system that is more flexible than mesh-mounted tile and easier to install on curved surfaces, so you can really get creative when working around arches or bathtubs. Here are three spaces we’ve featured lately that are getting in on the trend. 

Use Small-Scale Tile in a Large-Format Shower

Designer Shannon McLaren’s nearly Kim Kardashian–size shower exudes 1990s cool with its micro-size beige mosaic tile. The best part about going with this style is that you can get it from nearly any retailer (McLaren bought hers through Fujiwa Tiles, which is known for its pool tile collections).

Take It All the Way Around the Room

Pastel blue squares give this small but mighty kids’ bathroom in Jill Singer’s Hamptons home mid-century appeal. Knowing damp towels might get left on the floor or toothpaste residue smudged on the walls by her little ones, her designers at White Arrow opted for a full wet room of sorts by continuing the mosaic on all four walls—up to the ceiling. 

Save It Just for Bubble Baths

If you are opting for a new shower-tub combo, we suggest getting a tub with a skirt so you can clad the siding in your dream tile. This Melbourne home shows that you don’t have to just stick to partnering it with more squares. A darker rectangle option will provide a solid backdrop for your tub to shine.