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Hexagon or penny, marble or poured concrete. There are so many ways to make grey bathroom floor tiles interesting. In Michelle Gage’s Philadelphia home, the subtle shade elevates eclectic wallpaper. Jenni Li used simple grayscale squares to break up an all-white palette in her Brooklyn townhouse. Equally as versatile as classic white, the soft color offers a boost of warmth and depth. Plus when you put it in a room that’s meant to function as a relaxing escape (like a bathroom), it’s the perfect match for a soothing environment. 

Do you want a zen bathhouse or a hotel-like vibe? Choose the feeling you hope to emulate and then start collecting inspiration for your next renovation. We can help in that department: These seven spaces are proof that grey is anything but boring. 

The Spa-Like Retreat

With its tall sloped ceilings and massive tub, this Emily Henderson–designed room feels like the ultimate luxurious escape. This is due in no small part to the dark grey tiles: With marbled detailing, they look extra opulent. 

Try: Clé’s slate-hued natural stone option—a durable material that features an organic texture and almost looks like moving water. 

Bathroom Tile photo
Slate Natural Stone, Cle Tile ($5/square foot)

The Industrial Charmer

Rustic floating shelves, subway tile, and exposed plumbing: Nadine and Matt Abramcyk expertly styled their space, opting for pared-back hex tiling on the ground for something more polished than concrete slabs.  

Try: Porcelanosa has a perfect dupe, which even comes with the same natural gradient so no two shapes are exactly alike. 

Bathroom Tile photo
Amsterdam Hexagon Tile, Porcelanosa

The Modern Discotheque 

Nothing about Roberto Baciocchi’s Tuscan villa is expected—least of all his jaw-dropping bathroom, which includes rich charcoal floor-to-ceiling tiles flecked with shimmering turquoise that make it seem like the world’s chicest disco. If you’re not one to shy away from drama, we found the template for you to follow. 

Try: For a similar terrazzo vibe, go with Concrete Collaborative’s Pacifica design. Placed on every surface of a smaller room, it will really make a splash. 

Bathroom Tile photo
Pacifica, Concrete Collaborative

The Wabi-Sabi Delight

In Carly Nance’s home, stylish practicality rules. And in her master bathroom, it’s the organic materials and unfussy imperfection that draw us in. Take, for example, the mix of materials: Marble, raw wood, and cement–look-alike flooring combine for a minimalist dream that’s not too bothered with being matchy-matchy. 

Try: Tilebar’s pale grey porcelain, which looks like concrete but is much easier to maintain; no pesky upkeep necessary. 


Bathroom Tile photo
Rift Grafito Semi-Polished Porcelain Tile, Tilebar ($8/square foot)

The High-Contrast Design

If you’re worried about one continuous tint of grey coming off as one-note, try incorporating two. Emily Henderson carefully laid this floor so that every other square would have an inverted colorway; it’s a simple trick that really makes the room pop. 

Try: A basket-weave motif from Marble Online—it’s made from Carrara marble and includes two-tone shading that will make even the tiniest powder room look layered. 

Bathroom Tile photo
Carrara White Basketweave Mosaic Tile, Marble Online ($12/sheet)

The Breezy Oasis 

Shea McGee knows how to create modern California–style gold. Start with a sleek wood fixture, keep the backdrop neutral, and pepper in some woven details and maybe a plant (or two). We love the grey subway tile arranged in a contrasting pattern; it brings depth to the clean white space. 

Try: Salerno Porcelain Tile from Build Direct is both budget-friendly at $3 per square foot and durable, thanks to its moisture-resistant makeup. 

Bathroom Tile photo
Salerno Porcelain Tile, Build Direct ($3/square foot)

The Consummate Minimalist

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

The lack of clutter in this little bathroom is downright inspirational; there’s no shower curtain to cut off square footage or unnecessary knickknacks. However, instead of a plain white box, there’s nuance to the design—and it’s all thanks to the tonal mosaic flooring, which breaks up the room. 

Try: Carrara marble from Stone Center Online offers a hint of luxury and some welcome tone variation. Even a cookie-cutter space deserves a bit of charm. 

Bathroom Tile photo
Carrara White Hexagon Mosaic Tile, Stone Center Online ($10/sheet)

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