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Ever wish you could go back in time and design your absolute dream kid’s room? Well, we can’t guarantee you’ll get to relive your childhood fantasies, but thanks to designer Claire Zinnecker’s new show, Get Out of My Room, your inner eight-year-old will appreciate a well-designed, over-the-top playful kids room.

Premiering Monday, June 11, on NBC Universal Kids at 6pm (with a sneak peak on the 4th), Get Out of My Room is all about embracing the wild and whimsical imaginations of little ones, and making them into a reality. Zinnecker makes sure to ask each child upon meeting them, “What’s your dream room?”

The premise is simple, but the designs are often anything but. In each episode, two siblings who have previously shared a room now each get their own spaces. The kids get to communicate their fantasy designs to Zinnecker, and she helps make them a reality. The best part though, is that each sibling helps execute the others room.

In a few episodes, Zinnecker tackles shared rooms, but seeks to infuse each child’s personality into their own respective spaces. In every case, “It’s about cultivating the difference in personalities,” says Zinnecker. We sat down with the designer to talk about the show, the outcomes, and the precious personalities she met along the way. Here’s what you can look forward to this coming June.

Domino: Why did you want to get involved with a show like this?


There’s nothing else like this. Its unique. It’s fun because kids really do care about their rooms. You might think that they don’t, that their parents design it, but they’re actually so passionate and excited about their own space, and having a hand in that. I think it’s so important to inspire children to develop their own personalities, to have that self-assurance and that creativity. I wanted to teach them that even if they’re not the most artistic they can make things or even if they’re girls they can use power tools, etc. The show gave me the perfect opportunity to explore that a little more.

Domino: How to do you infuse your own style and the kids’ personalities into these rooms?


It’s a personal challenge for me because I am more of a minimalist designer and obviously kids don’t have minimalist dreams. But it’s a great challenge for me to create a sophisticated, playful, fun, quirky, colorful space—something that I wouldn’t do with any of my clients. I can be out of the box with these kids and go a little crazy.

Domino: What’s it like working with kids?


At that young age you’re not taught to edit yourself. And that’s really fun because I think that’s important to encourage. As adults, we are always trying to fit in with this trend, or do whatever our idol is doing in their home, and these kids just really want what they want. Some even had Pinterest boards of ideas!

Domino: What are some of the ways you make the rooms adaptable to grow with them?


For the show, it’s obviously about the big “wow” factor in the reveal, but we do want these rooms to last a long time. So of course, if we install a castle bed or something, as they get older they can swap that out for a different bed or different furniture, but as time goes on the canvas of the room will be the same. The new floor or the new light fixture we put in will be there, and they can kind of transition their things around that.

Domino: What’s been the biggest challenge?


I’ve had to learn to be a bigger version of myself for the camera! I wanted to inspire the kids I get to work with. I was raised in a home where if you wanted something, you learned how to make it. Plus, I just think now so many people are raised to not be so kind and I wanted to inspire them to be more kind and creative.  We’re making a huge impact on their lives. It’s really important and I am so excited for it.

Dream big, kiddos.

Get Out of My Room premieres Monday, June 11 at 6pm on NBC Universal Kids. But be sure to catch a special sneak peak on Monday, June 4, to see what some of Zinnecker and the kids are dreaming up.

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