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Tiny bedrooms can take a lot of work—for one, most don’t have space for a dresser or wardrobe, and two, having all your stuff laying around can make even the prettiest bedroom look like a sloppy mess.

The easiest solution? Under bed storage, and with so many choices to choose from, you won’t even have to worry about hiding it; these pretty options are much better seen, anyway.

The Shabby Chic One

The braided rattan material is part form and part function. Not only does this storage box look chic peeking out from under the bed, but the material also ensures that air circulates around the storage area—vital if you’re storing items like shoes or heavy sweaters.

The Striped, Preppy One

If your room is nautical prep, then this is striped number is for you. It’ll fit all your seasonal-based (fisherman) sweaters and come spring or summer, it folds completely flat when not in use.

The ‘Show Off Your Objects’ One

With a powder-coated shiny copper finish, these metal baskets are a glamorous take on storage. Stash your favorite patterned throws in them, and let them do all the talking. These baskets are also multi-purpose—when you don’t need them under the bed, they can come out and be stored in the kitchen, bathroom, or deskside.

The One with Wheels

Is this pretty? Nooo. Is this wildly useful? Heck yes. This plastic storage unit has got wheels so you can roll it out in an instant to grab a single item and roll it back. Tidiness, but made easy. Clutter has got zero excuses now.  

The Realistic One

Honestly, the most multi-purpose under-the-bed storage option is luggage. If you’re living in a small space, the only place to tuck away a suitcase is probably under the bed anyway, so you might as well fill it with out-of-season clothing and extra towels when not on vacay. (Away even has packing cubes that are just as handy at home as they are while traveling.) Of course, the tricky part comes when hitting the road and you need to actually use that luggage. But until then, pack it full and hide it under the bed. The Away suitcases are slimmer depth-wise than competitors, so they’ll fit nicely under almost all beds, too.

The French Countryside One

Maybe we’re projecting our dreams here, but don’t these seagrass-woven baskets look straight from the French market, possibly packed with fromage? These beauties will look impossibly chic peeking out from under your bed, while storing away your belongings. They also look more like a pretty decorative piece than a storage solution, but don’t let that fool you: they’ll hold all your valuables with ease.

The Great Price One

If you need a no-nonsense, fit-everything, hidden-under-the-bed organizer, this is it. The $7.99 box even has convenient storage sections for all those odd-shaped knickknacks you need to store away safely.

The ‘I’ve Got A Lot of Shoes’ One

Okay, not the most glamorous option, but arguably one of the most convenient. For those that need another spot to stow away their shoes, this rolling shelf can come out in an instant for those that just have too many fabulous options and not enough storage.  

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This story was originally published in March 2018 and has since been updated with new information.


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