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Bathing suits and down jackets have no business being in the same sentence, much less the same closet. When seasons change, it’s inevitable that our wardrobes (and wardrobe storage needs) will change too. For those of us without the luxury of a spare closet for off-season clothing (so like…everyone?), we’ve compiled a list of hacks perfect for keeping your prized, off-season possessions smartly stowed. Sure, you could take the “stuff it anywhere it fits” route, but this is domino, we can be better at the basics, even elevating them to stylish. Wendy’s isn’t so different. Their new Grilled Chicken Sandwich is an upgrade, too, and just happens to also be the perfect mid-hack snack.

The Pax Hack

Sometimes a space with little or no storage simply has to get creative. Here, Jenny Komenda created a wall’s worth of storage using multiple Ikea Pax wardrobe systems. By adding the paint color of her choice, the cutest cabinet pulls, plus exterior mirrors to keep the room from feeling too heavy or dark, she instantly ups the storage space in her home without sacrificing too much square footage. 

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Epic Under-Bed Storage 

Everyone stores stuff under the bed. Everyone. While most of us tend to shove overstuffed boxes or old suitcases any which way, beds like this are here to prove there’s a better way. Storage beds offer the same square footage of storage currently living underneath your queen-sized comfort zone, but with far easier access and organization options. 

Find the perfect storage bed for your space here

The Hanger Waterfall 

Some of us prefer to keep even the items we can’t wear right now within view. One of the biggest and most common closet mistakes is improper use of a closet’s height. Using a simple plastic chain, you can create a quick hanger waterfall that uses up much more of your closet space, and instantly maximizes your storage capability. Pro tip: Use super-thin velvet hangers to further increase your closet’s capacity.  

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Storage Bags, Storage Bags, Storage Bags

Don’t just hang up your clothes and shove them to one corner of the closet (let’s not be amateur about this). Your off-season clothing needs to be protected from dust, moths, sunlight, you name it, when it’s not being used. Sturdy storage bags are perfect for both organizing your out-of-season clothing and keeping it clean. 

Find high quality storage bags here

The Ultimate 2-in-1

When you find yourself in need of a place to store clothing and your beloved bike, this one’s a winner. An upside-down bike hung high instantly becomes a clothing rack for just about anything. Those without a proper mud room might even find this useful near the entryway as a makeshift coat rack, because you know you’re not biking anywhere in the snow. 

Rolling Under-Bed Storage

The key here is wheels. Everyone’s fallen victim to the box at the back of the bed, in a corner, that is simply out of reach. Avoid the sighs of exasperation by going mobile. Long, rolling storage boxes will make sure that every bed becomes a storage bed with easy, organized access. You can purchase storage bins with wheels, made specifically for use under a bed, but it’s far more fun to make your own, don’t you think? 

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The Ol’ Curtain-Behind-The-Bed-Trick

If your bedroom has the gift of post-bed floor space, you can sacrifice a bit of it to create a smart, dare we say stylish closet behind your bed. Hang a curtain in the color or print of your choice where you’d typically place a headboard, just a couple feet away from the wall. Place your bed in front of the curtain, and a clothing rack or two behind. Feel free to brag about your genius move on Instagram. 

Talk To Your Dry Cleaner

Especially in large cities, dry cleaners will often provide off-site storage of clothing for a fee. This works especially well in the summer when bulky winter coats aren’t welcome at home, but you can also use it for summertime clothing, too. Perhaps the biggest bonus? How easy is it to give your stuff a quick clean before you bring it home?! Just make sure to hang onto a few items in case a last-minute tropical vacation pops up mid-winter. 

Height Is Everything! 

Make sure you’re doing your closet justice by storing stuff at every height. And no, a pile of shoes on the floor doesn’t count! Shelving and drawers toward the bottom, racks in the middle, and at least one shelf up top stocked with boxes or bins for organized clutter-control are musts. The harder an area is to access, the smarter it’ll be for your off-season stuff. 

Upgrade Your Garage

Those with real garages, we salute you! And we certainly hope you’re storing more than the family carpool chariot in there! Installing a simple, industrial-inspired clothing rack situation in the garage will give you a consistent space for your bi-annual wardrobe switcheroo. Pairing this with storage bags (a must!) will keep your clothing accessible, clean, and organized, the off-season wardrobe trifecta. 

Learn how to make this industrial clothing rack setup here

Off-Site Storage

Those of us without garages aren’t without options, of course. There are countless companies (and apps!) that are made for off-site storage of stuff you love, but don’t always use. That absolutely includes clothing! Find the service that provides the services you need, at a budget you’re cool with, and start freeing up your space from too much stuff. 

Find out more about Makespace, Box Butler, and Garde Robe

Creative, Custom, Cool

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a wall. You just do. We know that gallery wall in your bedroom took patience and a keen eye to create, but if you’re finding that your closet is impossible to close these days, you might need to dedicate a wall to a custom storage situation. You know better than anyone the shelving needs your stuff has, and can plot out a corner or even a whole wall for shelving up top, racks in the middle (rolling racks are perfect for this, they don’t need to be drilled into the wall!) and bins or baskets down below. Keeping everything monochrome will give your storage a sense of cool purpose, and it won’t feel like a random addition, it’ll look chic and purposeful. 

Pay No Attention To The Clothes Behind The Curtain

If having your stuff out in the open is too unappealing, hide it! It’s totally okay to conceal your wall-o-storage with a ceiling-to-floor curtain that lets you conceal the evidence when company comes by. 

Weird Walls, And How To Use Them

Those tough-to-use corners and top-floor rooms can often have shapes and sizes that are puzzling. Solve the riddle by lining the wall with shelving that matches the wall’s slant or curve. This will provide instant extra storage where once there was nothing but frustration. Matching printed boxes and bins not required, but strongly encouraged. 

The Fancy Move

Then of course, you could always go big. This Italian-designed wonder bed is essentially a full closet underneath your bed. Clothing racks, drawers, the works. It’s not going to be the most affordable, but it is the most awesome. Plus, how cute are those little side-stairs? 

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