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Bedrooms need to feel peaceful and relaxing, so good storage is essential to remove any distracting clutter. Most of us opt for a mix of hanging space and shelves or drawers, either built into a closet or in a traditional dresser, but other, more imaginative storage solutions are available. From customized closets to humble secondhand finds, ingenious underbed ideas to the humble hook, there’s a world of space-saving, life-enhancing bedroom storage out there.


1. Combine storage styles.

Here’s a tasty feast of storage, just right for a child’s or teen’s room. In a relatively compact area, this room contains closets, open shelves, underbed storage and cabinets that wrap around the corner and make use of space above the bed. 

Respect is also due for the bold use of bright yellow, adding energy to a super-practical scheme.

2. Go under the bed.

Instead of exploiting space above the bed, create a raised platform for it and build in lots of storage below. As this picture demonstrates, this idea works particularly well in a room with a lofty ceiling.

3. Upcycle with style.

Bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be custom or new to function beautifully.

4. Take it higher.

Vertical space is often underused, but the wall space above head height can be redesigned as valuable storage.

5. Stay clear.

Fitting glass into the doors of bedroom storage can help it be less imposing. There’s also the advantage of being able to see the items inside, so you can enjoy your things when you’re not wearing them and quickly locate pieces when needed.

6. Use every scrap of space.

This small double bedroom is full of tricky angles and slopes, but that hasn’t stood in the way of storage. Mini shelves, hanging rails, bookcases and racks have been cut to fit the available space. It means that a great deal of storage has been squeezed into a compact area.

7. Enjoy an enhanced shelf life.

Moving the bed to the center of the room and creating a headboard-style wall behind it creates the opportunity to build in some nifty shelves. These are beautifully lit too, which adds a classy touch. Clothes, meanwhile, are stored in super-discreet built-in closets along one wall.

8. Keep it country.

Sleek custom closets are practical, but if it’s country charm you’re after, go free-standing. Here, a handsome vintage unit, complete with chicken-wire doors, packs in lots of warm character along with abundant storage space.

9. Make it minimalist.

Even those who don’t mind clutter can appreciate the elegance of this built-in storage, which is designed as a continuous run containing drawer and desk space, as well as spacious closets. Push-latch doors mean no knobs or handles are required, making it clean, sleek bedroom storage at its best.

10. Create a display.

A bookcase or open shelves work well for the tidy-minded — messier types will prefer cabinet doors on bedroom storage, so the disorganized riot of stuff inside is hidden neatly away.

11. Hang it all.

No story on bedroom storage would be complete with celebrating the joys of the humble hook. Hooks don’t have the hide-it-all capacity of built-in closets.

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