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Plants In The Window

Give your kitchen window a spring-ready upgrade — all you need is a few command hooks, some twine, a couple mason jars or glass vessels that you like, and a handful of wildflowers to complete this project. Get the full instructions here.

Peg Board Replacement

A pair of shuttered doors, a few coats of paint, and several command hooks will leave you with this gorgeous kitchen organizer.

Sink-side Catchall

Who knew a magazine rack and a few command hooks could be so useful? Find out how to hack your new bathroom storage on Dream Green DIY.


Banner Braces

This simple command hook DIY will make hanging festive banners so much easier! (And nobody likes tape ripping paint off the walls). Get the how-to here.

Hole-Free Hotness

Want a

gallery wall

without a bunch of little holes? Apartment Therapy suggests using the power of command hooks (and a few hangers) to get the gallery wall you’ve always wanted — without losing your security deposit!

Sneaky & Out Of Sight

Hi Sugar Plum has finally figured out how to use command hooks to hide the pesky cords in her living room! Follow her lead for an organized, cord free home!


Cord Corral

No more wrapping the cord around your mixer, thanks to this simple command hook hack.

Side Door Stealth

This is definitely changing the way we organize our bathroom! Find out how to make this space saving DIY at Hi Sugar Plum.

Clutter-Free Kitchen

Add a few command hooks to the inside of your kitchen cabinet to create a spot for all your baking essentials. Yay, no more clutter!

Custom Cuteness

Paint a few command hooks black and secure them to the wall to create a cheap (but totally cute) towel hanging area. This is perfect for the bathroom or pool house!


Curtains, Quick

The Happier Homemaker makes command hooks do all the work when it comes to hanging curtains. Get the easy DIY here.

Planter Perfection

Not enough counter space in your kitchen to grow your own herbs? Take to the walls with this command hook hack from Julie Blanner.

Storage On The Side

Don’t have a medicine cabinet to store your extra bathroom stuff? Create extra storage yourself — all you need is a stylish bucket and a command hook!


Secure your loose trash bag with a command hook attached to the side of your trash can. End the loose bag-induced messes!


Playtime Perfect

Grab a few dollar store baskets and a couple command hooks to create a super simple wall organizer for your kid’s toys! Note: This hack can also work in the bathroom as a tub-toy organizer!


Secure a few tea cups to the underside of a cabinet in your kitchen to create a hidden tea-cup organizer! This hack will save you a ton of cabinet and counter space — and it’s kinda retro-adorable, too!

Pots & Pants Perfectly Placed

Make use of your kitchen walls by placing a few command hooks around and using them as storage for your larger pots and pans that have trouble finding homes in cabinets.

Jumble-Free Jewelry

Command hooks = the best way to organize your jewelry! Our tip? Paint them a fun color to make them uniquely yours


Smart Shelving

This shelf DIY requires a bit of patience (and a power drill), but it looks absolutely amazing, and will give you serious Instagram bragging rights!

Wrap Righteousness

Command hooks can transform the way you store everyday items like tinfoil. Get the how-to on Ask Anna Moseley.

Style On Display

Petite command hooks also make a sleek and stylish way to display (and store!) your sunglasses!

Belts, Basically

Secure a few command hooks to the inside of your closet for impromptu belt storage!