Published on November 6, 2015


A classic setup, these stylish space uses several crates together, Tetrised into perfect form and function. 


Wine crates offer the perfect, neutral backdrop for all kinds of media storage. Display the special pieces, and smartly store all the rest. 


We can’t even with this cuteness. 


Or THIS cuteness for that matter! Why didn’t this dawn on us sooner? Cats + boxes = true love. 


The ultimate in hacks, this kitchen cart combines wine crates with…wait for it…Ikea!! 


A lovely way to corral, display, and care for your collection of flora.

A clever (chic!) way to let the collections you love take the spotlight, while concealing items you can’t display, but can’t part with either. 


The perfect neutral resting place for personal items and treasures. We’d try this as an entryway catch-all, too. 




A coat of paint and a (nice!) set of legs evolve this wine crate into the sweetest side table. 


Some fancy craftsmanship required, but well worth it. Chic storage that can be mobile, too, with the addition of wheels on the bottom. 




Rustic-meets-minimal in the loveliest way.