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Japanese brand Yamazaki’s array of products is inspiring us to get organized. Yamazaki, which began as a family business over 100 years ago, keeps coming up with modern yet classic, streamlined designs that are neutral enough to blend in with almost any design scheme yet still make a stylish statement of their own. Yamazaki products are all about being practical and functional, while providing simple, clean-looking designs that make the most of your space, whether at home or at work. In fact, don’t be surprised if you buy a piece to create a calmer bathroom counter and then find yourself thinking how helpful it would be for corralling all your office supplies. That’s the beauty of these designs. We compiled 10 tips for organizing with these ingenious and affordable products.

Choose products that inspire you to edit your belongings.

One of our favorite things about this side table is its slimness. With just enough room for a cup of tea or a book, it won’t become a dumping ground for magazines, mail, and hats. The three-tiered design means you have plenty of space for a variety of goods, but it also gently nudges you in the direction of curating your couch-side reading material.

Tower Side Table, $96

Keep your keys hanging free.

Although having a mounted key rack right by the door is the custom in many homes, the placement can be problematic, especially if you find yourself so laden down with bags and groceries that your keys get tossed onto any nearby surface. This sleek key rack can be placed wherever is most convenient: by the kitchen table, on your desk, or even by the door if it suits you. Unlike key bowls that encourage key jumbling, this version has multiple hooks so every key set can dangle separately and serenely (i.e. your significant other has no excuse for mistaking your keys for his as he is racing out the door in the morning).

Tosca Key Rack, $30

Keep your organizers working hard wherever they are.

This wood and steel organizer was created for keeping remote controls and reading glasses from sinking into the depths of your sofa, never to be found again. While it does that job handily and stylishly, it also could work on a home or office desk for organizing supplies.

Rin Living Room Organizer, $35.80

Choose simple and neutral designs for versatility.

Simple, modern, and utilitarian, this “tool box” certainly is multifunctional. Corral your medicine, art supplies, tea, makeup, or small toiletries. The box is pretty enough to be left out on the counter, but you can also hide it away under a sink or in a cabinet when necessary. We even love it for organizing (or at least attempting to organize) kids’ ever-growing and diversifying array of tiny dolls, trains, etc.

Tosca Tool Box, $28.60

Try on-view organization with exposed closets.

Whether you use this coat hanger as intended or transform it into a floating showcase for your favorite outfits, this structure is the perfect solution in apartments or houses that are lacking closet space. Even if you do have closets, we love the idea of using this to organize your outfits for the week ahead, perhaps saving you a few extra minutes in the morning.

Tower Coat Hanger, $120

When you find a functional piece, buy it in multiples.

You could buy one (or two) of these tower bookends for every room. Great at home or in the office, it has a cute yet functional space for glasses, pens for crossword puzzles, recipe cards, or even for giving your phone a little rest while you settle in with a good book.

Tower Book End, $24

Put your favorite pieces on display.

When necklaces, bracelets, watches, and other accessories dangle or perch elegantly in their designated spots, your bedside table or bathroom counter instantly looks tidied up. This accessory stand turns puts your favorite pieces on display. The stand’s neutral colors allow your fabulous jewels and trinkets to twinkle, shine, and stand out.

Tosca Accessory Stand, $38.40

Streamline your desk space.

Nothing kills that clean and in-control vibe like a tangle of wires spilling all over your desk. A web cable box hides away the unsightly straggle and streamlines the look of your desk. Another benefit? No more wandering around trying to figure out where you left your devices plugged in.

Web Cable Box, $38.40

Pick something that catches your eye.

Wastebaskets are necessary in most rooms of the house, but they don’t have to be an eyesore. Yamazaki’s Veil trash can looks more like a sculpture than a spot for trash, which means you can place them around the house.

Veil Trash Can, $44.60

Take advantage of vertical space.

An over-the-door hook neatly solves several organizing problems: It gets stuff off the floor, it doesn’t require nailing anything into the wall, and it’s sturdy enough to hold jackets, belts, bathrobes, and more. Instantly making any space look tidier, this hook is especially sneaky at hiding unsightly clutter if you put it on the side of the door that generally faces the wall. If you can’t see it, it’s as good as not there, right?

Over the Door Hook, $30