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Welcome to The Deep Dive, in which we search high and low for the best of the best products for every corner of your home, from modern chandeliers to vintage rugs. Next up: hooks.

Baskets are great at keeping clutter at bay, and drawer organizers ensure your hidden storage spaces are in check, but few things are quite as effective at tidying as the humble hook. In an entryway, it holds everything from our in-season jackets to our totes and umbrellas. In the bathroom, it helps our towels dry and creates a home for our robes. In the closet, it’s a designated spot for hats and scarves. Even in the kitchen, it keeps pot holders and utensils within easy reach.

Without hooks, which can be hung on virtually any vertical surface, we would need more floor space in our entrances, extra drawers in the kitchen, and additional shelves in our linen closets. In short, they’re a small-space lifesaver. The best part: They can make just as big a statement as your quirkiest vintage chair. The 40 hooks below pack a ton of personality into the smallest forms. Your life is about to get a whole lot more organized.

The Tabs

The Classics

The Octopuses

The Body-Positive Ones

The Racks

The Double-Trouble Designs

The Big Knobs

The Novelties

The Colorful Creations

The Shapes

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