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above the door shelves

Often our floors, especially against the walls, get the most cluttered in a small space. Our reflex is to find ground storage or to stuff something away in a cabinet or series of shelves. Hanging a shelf above the door solves all of those problems.

is it a bookshelf? or a table?

Of course, it’s both! The side silhouette is almost as fun as the extra storage you’ll gain.

cover your clutter

DIY a storage box for your bookshelf that appears as if it’s a collection of books. Instructions are as easy as cutting the spine off a book (it’s painful to kill a book, we know) and gluing it on a box.

easy corner storage

Awkward spaces make it more difficult to install things like shelves, but not to worry. This shelf built for nooks, crannies, and corners is here to save the day.

storage mirror

Displaying jewelry on a shelf or on hooks around your vanity mirror is an option (that often looks pretty, too). But if you would prefer to hide at least some of your stuff, consider a storage mirror like this one.

kids can get in on the fun, too

Adults aren’t the only ones who struggle with space issues. Splurge and give your child the organization skills of a grown up with this storage bed.

suction sweeping is real

Okay, so no matter how large or small our homes are, we want this. You simply sweep your dirt towards the suction pan and all your dust is gone. Keeping your small space clean just got WAY easier.

graduate from ottoman storage with a bench

We all know (and have owned) storage ottomans, but this bench is a sophisticated game changer. We’re picturing it at the foot of your bed. It can store anything from extra clothing (guilty) or blankets.

try an expandable table

Entertaining in small spaces is hard for too many reasons. And throwing a dinner party? That’s almost out of the question. Almost. Expandable tables allow for more seating and table space all without the need of a space for a whole extra (and unsightly) folding table.

even bathroom tiles can be cool

Bathroom storage is tough, as it’s often the tiniest room in any home. These tiles function as extra storage or hooks, depending on which variety you purchase.

store under your stairs

Simply genius. If you’re ever in the position to make a platform stair hollow, do it and use the extra space for storage.