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Everyone has a place they throw their stuff at the end of a long day. Stop using the floor or nearest chair as a catch-all and try one of our (much nicer looking) ideas.

This entryway was designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

​Built-in Bench

A built-in bench takes up minimal space and provides a sturdy multifunctional structure that’s just as much a storage unit as a seating area. We love how this one includes coat hooks and an

open shelf

space on the top for maximum storing capacity.

This entryway was designed by Crystal Sinclair for Homepolish

Multipurpose Shelving

Opt for storage pieces that can do double duty, like this coat rack that also includes a shelf for even more organizational opportunities. Bonus: adding a straw basket creates both a chic accent piece and a vessel in which to store anything from plants to shoes.

This entryway was designed by Claire Staszak

One Big Basket

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best. Try a large wicker basket for shoes, umbrellas, bags, etc. You can pop it next to the door or stow it under a console.

This entryway was designed by Owens + Davis.

Console Table

The perfect entryway vessel for the minimalist. An all-black or clear console automatically looks sleek.

This entryway was designed by Jennifer Ferreira.

Console With Drawers

If you’d rather not display the contents of your bag when you unload it at home, try a console with built in drawers for hiding small items.

This console was designed by Target

Combination Cabinet + Hooks

A cabinet like this one keeps clutter off the floor with hooks for your bag and coat as well as compartments for keys.

This cabinet was designed by Urban Outfitters. 

Open Closet

If you don’t have a coat closet in your entry, make your own open closet by hanging a bar for coats. We recommend using the same hangers and displaying coats in a similar color scheme, to keep things organized.

This entryway was designed by Coco Lapine

Entryway Seating Nook

Hang multiple single shelves for the illusion of a shelving unit. Display books or art and add trays or shelves to drop your stuff. You can even make it into a reading nook, like this one, if you have enough space.

This entryway was designed by Helt Enkelt.


You can use one or multiple, slide them under a table or set them up alone.

This entryway was designed by Tine K

Small Trays

Try a collection of trays on a well styled console table. Display a mix of colorful accessories (think candles, plants, books) and no one will notice the trays are catching your random odds and ends.

This entryway was designed by swoonworthy.co.uk.


Drop your stuff on the bench and you’re done. You can hide shoes or a basket underneath or put hooks above for more organized storage.

This entryway was designed by Cavern Home

Floating Shelf

A small, simple shelf looks modern and is the perfect place to throw keys. Try hanging a mirror above it or hooks below for extra storage.

This entryway was designed by Erin Boyle

Folding Table

On a budget? When painted white, a folding table looks contemporary. Unfold a small one in your entry.

This entryway was designed by KONIG Colours.

Ottomans With Storage

Ottomans are perfect for secret entryway storage. They look immediately stylish, fit well under a console table, and no one will suspect that they’re filled with an overflow of shoes.

This entryway was designed by the Porter Design Company

Ceramic Stand

An easy solution for keeping umbrellas available and organized.

This entryway was photographed by Domino. 

Mini Baskets

The perfect solution for the super-organized. DIY your own cabinet unit by placing mini baskets in a console with multiple shelves. The baskets will conceal your stuff and keep you from fishing through one big one.

This entryway was designed by A Beautiful Mess

Hanging Wire Basket

Mount a basket for an easy place to drop odds and ends.

This basket was designed by Urban Outfitters. 

Single Hooks

A super simple solution: hooks. Hang them individually or install a line of hooks. We love the unexpected light fixture strung through these.

This entryway was designed by Alvhem Brokerage & Interiors.  

Geometric Shelving

We love this geometric shelving unit, which looks unique and has many compartments to stow everything from sunglasses to headphones.

This shelf was designed by Urban Outfitters. 


An unexpected entryway catch-all, a ladder looks cool and can function as a hanger for bags and coats.

This entryway was designed by Karlsson & Uddare

Rolling Tray

Drop whatever you want on this rustic tray, instead of letting it all hit the floor.

This entryway was designed by Joanna Gaines via Magnolia Market

Mirror Shelf

Going for a shelf that incorporates a mirror means storage and the ability to check your hair on the way out the door.

This mirror was designed by Dayna Gedney via Etsy.

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