We’d Happily Have Any of These 8 Coatracks Join Our Entryway Posse

Which one is right for your personality?
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A good coatrack is more than just a place to dump your stuff: It’s the partner who reluctantly holds your purse, the parent who knows where you last left your keys, and the friendly acquaintance who asks to take your jacket. In other words, it’s the BFF your entryway never knew it needed.

Yet like all good friends, it’s hard not to play favorites. Sure, you love them all, but there’s only a handful you’d want to live with every single day. Since we take our storage as seriously as our relationships, we narrowed our rack selection down to the winning few we know will have our backs for life.

From clever stands that mount in corners to rainbow racks with hidden hooks, these eight genius stands know how to make an entrance. Meet your new friends.

The One That’s Happiest in the Corner

Call it what you want—the loner, the black sheep, the individualist—this rack doesn’t subscribe to labels. Happiest when left alone to chill in a corner, all you have to do is give this one-of-a-kind find a 90-degree angle to watch it work its space-saving magic. You don’t even have to sacrifice floor space in the process.

The One with Three Personalities

Hyfen’s Tilde rack will look a little different from every perspective depending on how you use it. While the multidimensional structure can be left in the front hallway as a traditional coatrack, the piece also works as a room divider or stand-alone art object.

The One That’s There for the Ups and Downs

Designed to handle everything from your heaviest winter coats to your lightest summer blouses, Yasutoshi Mifune’s rack is there for you through thick and thin. Don’t let its minimalist design fool you: Its high-low build allows for endless hanging options and frocks of all lengths.

The One That Brings Out Your Wild Side

Consider this electric blue coat stand a not-so-subtle reminder to step outside your comfort zone every time you walk out the door. Although certainly fitting for a hallway wardrobe, this bold move can also serve as a landing spot for smaller everyday accessories like keys, umbrellas, and sunglasses.

The One That Goes Way Back

First designed by acclaimed Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1936, this timeless train-style rack is a recipe for nostalgia. Straight to the point with its four steel hooks and birchwood shelf, its minimal design will remind you of what’s important in life.

The One That’s Not Afraid to Tell You to Change

When you can’t afford a personal stylist, this extendable hanging rack is the next best thing. If you feared you’ve made the wrong decision with your wardrobe, it’ll be sure to leave a few backup choices out in the open.

The One That’s Ready to Flip into Action

Only arriving at the scene when absolutely needed, Desu Design’s playful rack plays the role of a rainbow wall accent when not in use. In the case of an emergency, the colorful hooks can be pulled down to mend the situation.

The One That Helps Carry Your Dry-Cleaning

Your real friends might not be willing to step up to the plate as a personal butler, but this chic do-it-all valet will happily volunteer. Part vanity, part hanging rack, and part shoe drop off, park this stand near the front door or in the bedroom if you need a helping hand.

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