Published on March 17, 2019

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The first time I heard the word creatureness used to describe an object for the home was in reference to New York lighting veteran Bec Brittain’s hauntingly beautiful Mercury installationHer exotic floor-to-ceiling fixture captivated my full attention. In the same, creepy-crawly way, Jonathan Entler’s eponymous lamps channel the energy of a living being (in his case, a futuristic octopus). While I was intrigued by the fact that something could be at once unsettling and charming, I didn’t give the dichotomy a second thought. Then I discovered Kelly Wearstler x Aimee Song’s Rebelle stool.

Created as a one-off auction piece to benefit A Sense of Home, the incredibly hairy ottoman sparked an all-too-familiar hair-raising sensation. Visions of Muppets and Dr. Seuss’s Sneetches immediately came to mind. I wanted the chic seat…but I also wanted to be friends with it.

If you thought the return of the beanbag was the ultimate comeback, this amicable micro-trend will beckon childhood nostalgia like never before—not to mention introduce a dose of texture into the home. Here are 10 furry finds I’m befriending now.

Walls with little personality have met their match. This extra-cushy wall hanging is the hero your home deserves. 

Drawing on the works of early modernists such as Le Corbusier and Marcel Breuer, Wegner’s laid-back lounger doubles as a cozy ode to design history.

Name another mirror that lets you admire your hair while also inspiring your next haircut—we’ll wait.

A pile of these Pacman-like pillows will promise a playful lounging experience, but one is certainly enough if all you want to do is run your fingers through its fringe.

Between its Barney-purple hue and Cookie Monster shag, this vintage long-pile wool rug would look especially groovy under a transparent coffee table.

Raggedy Ann has nothing on this rad handwoven statement chair. Thanks to its unique backrest-to-seat proportions, this one-of-a-kind find was seemingly designed for kicking your feet up.

In order to enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling that this monster green stool exudes, you’ll have to act fast: The multisensory piece is a limited edition.

Crafted from nine separate cushions—all of which are fixed to an invisible metal tube frame—this faux fur sofa brings Dr. Seuss’s greatest hits to life. Oh, and did we mention it’s pink?

With its curved concentric lines and plush wool upholstery, this ultra-chic accent chair is just as good as receiving a hug from a friend, if not better.

What says “I want to be a kid again” more than a neon tassel? Children (or children at heart) appreciate accessories that make every day fun.

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