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The maximalist moment that started picking up steam in 2018 is evidently here to stay. According to a recent Etsy trend report, this year’s most pervasive design trends all have their roots in bold patterns and eclectic styles, with the company naming tie-dye, Art Deco, abstract prints, wallpaper, crystal motifs, Southwestern style, and animal print as seven trends to watch in 2019.  

The report, compiled by Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson, is largely based on consumer data from the marketplace. However, each one also speaks to broader cultural movements and interdisciplinary trend forecasts. When we spoke with Johnson earlier this year about how she picks these design trends, she explained that her inspiration comes from analyzing social shifts. Take Southwestern style, for example: “I started looking at colors and started seeing more earth tones,” explains Johnson. “Then I got into thinking about the state of the world; we’ve had a lot going on, and when it’s a wild time, people crave normalcy and retreating back to nature.”

While these seven trends are influenced by a number of current cultural and design moments, some feel like they have more staying power past 2019 than others. Funky, abstract shapes, a nod to the overarching geometric trend, are a great way to add a contemporary element to your space. Animal motifs are timeless and instantly bring elegance to any room—try them out via playful wallpaper. And, speaking of wallpaper, we’re also here for Etsy’s prediction that peel-and-stick wallpaper is poised to hit it big this year. It’s a renter’s dream.

If you’re going to splash out on any new decor trends, make it these three. Here’s how to bring abstract shapes, animal print, and temporary wallpaper home.

Abstract Shapes

With over 127,000 searches on Etsy for “abstract prints” in the last three months alone, this fun geometric style is definitely current. Bring pattern to your walls with a colorful abstract print or opt for tiny ceramic mugs that’ll zhuzh up your open shelving.

Animal Motifs

Trying the animal-print design trend doesn’t mean decking out your home a la Fran Fine: It can be done in smaller more tasteful ways if that’s more your speed. Dive into the swan trend with a brass swan-shaped ring holder—the perfect way to bring a bit of vintage mid-century charm to your nightstand. And who needs a boring terra-cotta pot when you can house your greenery in a handmade cat-emblazoned ceramic jug?

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

According to Etsy, wallpaper is trending, but the 2019 way to decorate with wallpaper isn’t via your walls. With a 385 percent search increase for “peel stick wallpaper” and 15,000 searches for floor decals, the new way to use wallpaper is anything but expected. Try out bold prints on staircases, dressers, and cabinets to bring pops of color and pattern to even the smallest of spaces.

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