The First Sign of Spring Decor Is Here, and It’s Not Florals

We’re soaring into the new season.
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Everyone knows that the first telltale sign of spring is florals, right? Before the birds begin to chirp and the sundresses come out, we tend to give in to the rising temperatures with fresh bouquets and bold botanical prints. But what if we told you that the flowers are blooming late this year? We’ve already spotted the first sign of the changing seasons, and this year, fauna trumps flora.

Elegance and grace is the name of the game for this season’s throwback trend: swans. With their soaring wings and far-reaching necks, these birds have been lending a sense of synergy to the home since they were first popularized during the Art Deco movement. Although their grandeur and beauty may have gotten lost in a brief end-of-century lull, these majestic creatures are enjoying a slow and steady comeback. We’ve been spotting them everywhere from the new Anthropologie collection to the perfectly pink women’s restroom at Annabel’s Mayfair Club in London.

If you’re wary of diving deep into this warm-weather trend, fear not these beautiful birds. Ahead, we break down eight different ways to master this cheeky elegance at home.

Wallpaper the powder room

As its name suggests, this ethereal wall covering is bound to take center stage in any room it graces. Given the addition of weeping willows and water lilies, the peaceful print will turn any small bathroom into a zen oasis.

Elevate your morning routine

Chic toilet paper and toothbrush holders are so underrated when it comes to styling the bathroom. Once you set this teeny addition on the side of the sink, your bathroom will be swimming in pure happiness.

Hydrate your greens

Keep your go-to greens healthy and happy this season with a not-so-literal reminder that it’s time to give them a drink.

Sophisticate a seating arrangement

There’s a reason Jacobsen’s swan seating series has reached icon status. While certainly not as cushy as a plush tufted loveseat, the structure’s enveloping wings will inspire you to curl up and get cozy.

Dress the bed

Quilting is trending, but this time, it’s nothing like your grandma’s bedding. If you look close enough at this graphic blanket, you might spot a familiar face peering back at you. Though, no matter what you see, this abstract textile will read as cool when sprawled at the foot of the bed.

Light up the nightstand

Some might say that Entler’s covetable light fixtures more closely resemble the tentacles of a sea creature, but if you ask for our two cents, we’ll tell you that this long-neck lamp evokes another water-loving being.

Take time for reflection

Teeny pocket mirrors come in handy while traveling. This chic companion promises not to leave you with remnants from a delicious lunch between your teeth come spring break.

Anchor the living room

Spotted at one of our favorite NYC vintage shops: a coffee table–cum–conversation starter. If you’re going to only make one quirky statement in your living space, a sculptural table is the ultimate centerpiece.

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