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If you’ve spent any time perusing runway shots from fashion month, one thing is immediately clear: People are starting to wear decor. Designers have replaced rigid lines in outerwear with softer silhouettes and woven textures in a move that we can’t help but think looks remarkably like blankets. Quilting, in particular, is trending, but this is not your grandma’s bedding.

From the shiny, neon-hued jackets at Prabal Gurung to Dior’s cool black midi skirt to yellow athleisure suits at Rachel Comey, today’s quilting looks fresh. More unambiguously, Offhours released a now-viral piece of quilt-like outerwear named the “Homecoat.” Granted, tufted quilting as a fabric is a little less literal than that time Giles Deacon sent models down his runway wearing lampshades as hats, but the connection is still undeniable, and the line dividing fashion and interior design feels blurrier than ever. Which has us thinking: If a cool take on a classic style can exist in one industry, it’s surely time to update the idea of dated quilts in the other.

Quilting as a craft is an ancient practice and a varied one at that. From patchwork to tufting, there are a lot of styles and techniques to choose from. Now, some of our favorite brands are reinventing the blanket, offering modern takes on the ancient craft. There are smaller makers offering handmade options; modern quilts that are carefully stitched together to create an intricate final product that’s more like textile art than a regular blanket. There are vibrantly hued options and pieces with abstract shapes for more contemporary decorators. There are even chic quilts made for trendy babies.

We scoured the market to find a mix of high-end and affordable modern quilts and all we can say is that we’re almost a little sad winter is coming to a close. The number of gorgeous textiles available is enough to make you want to spend all day wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

For the desert trend devotee

Sunfair Quilt, $300+, Vacilando Quilting ($300)

Inspired by the Joshua Tree landscape, this quilt will infuse your bedroom or living room with a bit of that coveted Southwestern style. From the sunset-inspired colors to the geometric shapes indicative of the region, it’s the perfect way to dip your toe into one of 2019’s biggest trends.

For the aspirational European It girl

Double-Sided Crushed Linen Quilt, Matches Fashion ($838)

This is a quilt made for Instagram fame. It ticks all the boxes: European origin tag? Check. Trendy color? Check. Luxe material that looks super informal? Check. Made in Italy from crushed linen, this terra-cotta quilt is a slice of everyday opulence. It looks like something you’d seen casually strewn across the bed of a chic Parisienne It girl.

For the commitment-phobe

“Objects from Home” Quilt, Coming Soon ($395)

The best thing about this Cold Picnic quilt—aside from the funky shapes—is the fact that it’s reversible. While the price tag may seem a bit steep, you’re really getting two quilts for the price of one. Think of it as a bedding accessory that can change with your tastes: You can totally switch up your room’s color palette and still be able to keep this investment piece.

For the fashion-oriented cool girl

Meri Meri Twin Embroidered Quilt, Abc Carpet & Home ($149)

Featuring one of the hardest-to-pull-off color combos du jour, this red-and-pink quilt makes the perfect pop of color for any space. The vibrant neon hues will spice up your all-white bedding in no time.

For the sailing aficionado

Knots Quilt, Hawkins New York ($210)

If your home is an ode to all things nautical, you need this quilt. Designed by artist Meg Callahan and inspired by sailor’s knots, the handmade piece is the finishing touch your bed is begging for. Blue and white is a classic color combo that’ll never go out of style.

For the old soul

Quilted Silk-Satin Eiderdown Comforter, Moda Operandi ($1,720)

Grandma chic is trending. If your style errs eclectic and the idea of a sleek, minimalist space scares you, opt for a quilt that reflects a more traditional style. Preen’s collection of silk comforters offers a range of colors. With a floral motif and a sweet color palette that’s borderline kitschy, this retro quilt will bring character to any space.

For the renter

Sol Quilt, Thompson Street Studio ($400)

Why is this the perfect piece for renters? Because, thanks to a wide rod pocket on the back of this quilt, it doubles as a statement-making wall hanging. If you can’t paint your space, adhering a patterned quilt to the wall is a great way to infuse a bit of print and visual interest into any space. Hang it in your living room over your sofa to create a cozy vignette.

For the person heavily influenced by their surroundings

Marfa Kantha, Block Shop ($250)

It’s an unequivocal truth that the color yellow makes you happy. Vibrant and sunny, this quilt will make your bedroom a cheery room you want to spend time in, rather than a space that serves a strictly utilitarian purpose (i.e., where you go to sleep). For a maximalist aesthetic, pair with other punchy primary colors like bold red throw pillows or a cobalt blue accent wall. If your bedroom is more of a neutral-filled haven, this yellow blanket will serve as the perfect focal point to anchor the room.

For the trendy baby

Baby Quilt, Rebecca Atwood ($499)

Nursery decor can often veer into cliches. If you’re tired of pastels and storks, look to something a little edgier to deck out your little one’s space. These Rebecca Atwood “Baby Quilts” offer a stunning mishmash of pattern and color.  

For the categorical minimalist

hay quilt
Mega Dot Blanket, HAY ($195)

For strictly minimalist spaces, the way to imbue interest is through layering textures. Hay’s dotted blanket offers just a hint of pattern. Stick to the grayscale colorways if you aren’t willing to sacrifice your monochromatic aesthetic. That said, we’re partial to the moss shade, as it’s a subtle pop of color that still feels elevated.

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